Sunday, September 18, 2016

Ultimate Reset Day 6 Review - Will The Ultimate Reset Clear up my Skin?

I woke up this morning, scratched my forehead, and my hand slid across my face - what's the deal with all of this oil?!?!  I feel like a grease monkey! ha!  I normally have combination skin, and I'm rarely oily, so something's up!  I googled and found that the skin is one of our biggest organs that excretes toxins and waste.  My body is detoxing.  Nick's skin is oily too, so we can be grease monkey's together ;)

I've had a few people ask me, "Will The Ultimate Reset help me clear up my skin?".  

I do think that most acne starts internally and works its way out.  The food you eat will reflect in your skin.  If your hormones are off, it will reflect in your skin.  So, while I can't guarantee The Ultimate Reset will clear up your skin, I can say I've had many people tell me their skin cleared up significantly during the Reset process.

Just remember...your skin will most likely get WORSE before it gets better.

When I started this cleanse...on Day 1, my skin was DRY and irritated.  I am prone to acne, rosacea, and eczema.  And, I was feeling like my hormones were off.  Days 1-4 of this cleanse, my skin broke out.  I knew my skin was purging toxins.  Now, it's soooo oily but looking less irritated.  I'm still breaking out a little, but I'm interested to see how my skin feels and looks on day 21!

Breakfast this morning:  Oats, apples, and 1/2 cup full fat greek yogurt with cinnamon.  To me, this is comfort food.  But, I know next week, no yogurt is allowed because next week our plan will not contain any animal proteins.  So, I'm fully enjoying this while I can!

Lunch was a little tricky today.  We agreed to watch Ayla's best friend overnight today so her daddy could propose to her mommy (she said YES!), so we are bring 3 kids to a birthday party today.  An ice skating party - with 3 kids who have never ice skated, and neither have I!! Ah!  Since we were short on time, and we are allowed to substitute Vegan Shakeology as breakfast in phases 1 and 2 of this plan, we figured today it would be ok to substitute Vegan Shakeology for lunch.  Quick, easy, and tasted like dessert!

The pizza struggle at the birthday party was SO REAL you guys!!  And, cupcakes...oh my!  Oh...and, see how greasy my face is???  And, this is after a shower this morning!

We got home, famished, and ready for a snack!  These carrots and hummus tasted like the best thing I've ever had in my life! ha!

So, while the kids ate their dinner and had ice cream afterwards (must resist temptation!), I prepared our dinner.

Tonight's dinner:  Roasted Root Medley and Zucchini Cashew soup. 

This is another one of our favorite recipes from the Reset that we would eat on any given day of the week.  Especially the Zucchini cashew soup - SO GOOD!  It tastes like a bisque.  Make sure you don't bring this soup to a boil or it will taste a little frothy.  I like to heat it as much as possible since I only like soup HOT, but I serve right before it starts to boil.  I also use basil, himalayan salt, black pepper, and garlic powder to season.  Hubby LOVES this soup!  To me, the Roasted root medley tastes like dessert - sweet potato fry chunks <3

And, it looks pretty, right??

Before baking

Roasted Root Medley and Zucchini Cashew Soup

How I feel:  Today was a challenge (a true TEST) because we were off our normal schedule, but we made it work.  I'm loving the natural energy I'm having!  I was able to keep up with 3 crazy kids today at a birthday party and a sleepover at our house AND resist pizza, cupcakes, and ice cream.  We didn't get our yoga in today, BUT we DID walk the entire mall for an hour and 1/2 in search of a leopard robe because that's what the 8yr old birthday girl asked for ;)

Stay tuned for my Day 7 Review...

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