Monday, September 19, 2016

Ultimate Reset Day 7 Review - Going Vegan

Today is officially the LAST day of phase 1!  This is exciting and pretty scary at the same time.  ISH is about to get REAL.  This upcoming week...we go VEGAN.  Basically, we cut out all animal proteins including meat, eggs, and dairy.

First things first - clean out the fridge!  I did keep some eggs, cheese, milk, and yogurt in the fridge for the kids, and I froze any meat we have...but everything else - gone!

Empty fridge - ready for some Vegan Goodies!
The kids are completely worn out little zombies today because they had such a fun day ice skating yesterday afternoon and slumber partying last night, so they helped me clean the house this morning (which looked like a BOMB went off in it) for a free ipad game, and they've been laying around the house all morning (#balance)...which means, I've had time to plan!  

Planning ahead for a successful week!

So, what do vegans eat?  Fruits, veggies, grains, and nuts!  It's all about being creative with veggies this week!  I'm ok with this because I love veggies, but I'm a little worried about hubby lol.  

Here is this week's meal plan:  I added an (optional) snack each day that we will eat only if we feel we need to.

This morning's breakfast:  Fruit plate with yogurt and 1tsp maple syrup - half of which I shared with my 4yr old because he thought it was just as yummy as I did ;)

Since lunch was supposed to be Zucchini cashew soup (which hubby LOVES) and microgreen salad... and hubby wasn't home for lunch, I just had a Vegan Shakeology mixed with water, and I plan to have the Zucchini cashew soup and microgreen salad tonight for dinner :)  It's Sunday, and I needed a break from making lunch since I have some prepping to do this evening!

Hubby is currently at the grocery store with a scavenger hunt list, and probably getting a little nervous that animal products are not on the's the best!  I do the meal planning and grocery list, he does the grocery shopping, and I prep and prepare the food.  We've got a system down at this point!  

Groceries for the next 4 days!

Tonight's dinner:  Zucchini cashew soup and Microgreen salad.  

We were supposed to have Tempeh with broccoli and brown rice.  I have not found a way to like tempeh - I just can't. And, I haven't found anyone who actually likes it, skipping it <3

Zucchini Cashew Soup and Microgreen Salad
How I Feel:  I didn't experience any energy crashes today, and I've felt great all day!  I still miss my coffee, but my body is functioning way better without it.  My sleep has been amazing!  Still having weird, vivid dreams, but I can tell I'm sleeping much deeper.  Excited for Phase 2 of The Ultimate Reset!

Stay tuned for my Day 8 Review...

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