Monday, September 26, 2016

Ultimate Reset Day 15 Review - Will I lose muscle mass?

My official 2 week results are in:  I am down 10.5lbs and 1 pant size (almost 2 pant sizes!)!  I can see my face is thinner, my arms and legs have definitely lost inches, and my midsection and hip areas have lost a ton of inches!  I feel GREAT <3

My results seem extreme which left me I losing muscle mass?  So, I did about an hour of research this morning!  

Obviously, not working out for 21're going to lose a little muscle.  And, with Phase 3 (week 3) being low in starchy carbs and low in protein, a little muscle loss is expected.  However, I also learned that any lost muscle has "memory" and returns quickly.  And, throughout all of The Ultimate Reset test groups, the participants lost very little muscle (if any), and they reported that they were able to replace the little muscle they DID lose quickly PLUS more.  Those who resumed a healthy, balanced diet kept the weight off and were also able to lose more weight and build muscle more easily because their body / metabolisms were functioning much better than they were pre-Reset.

So, am I ONLY losing fat?  No.  The 10.5lbs I've lost consist of mostly fat...but, also water retention, built up waste within the body, and slight muscle loss (mainly from not working out for 21 days!).

Is losing 10.5lbs within only 2 weeks safe?  I'm currently eating healthier than I ever have in my LIFE:  Nothing artificial, no sugar, no caffeine, no alcohol, nothing processed - I'm making everything from scratch with whole food ingredients.  So,'s completely safe.

I will cover my game plan for NOT gaining the weight back within a future blog post ;)

Today's breakfast:  Fruit plate!  Apples, watermelon, and white peaches.

Today's lunch:  Asian Cabbage Salad and Miso Soup.  I actually REALLY liked this salad.  I took the advise of some of the girls in my online accountability group, and I used teaspoons of the Bragg's amino acids instead of TBS (they said it was salty), and I didn't put as much lime as the recipe required.  This salad was BIG (Thank God because I was STARVING lol) and it was so yummy paired with the miso soup.  Hubby was happy with the salad too, and I will continue to make it post-Reset.

Tonight's dinner:  We were supposed to have Garlic Veggies with a Sweet potato, but I switched the recipe around a bit.  I used a tiny bit of organic olive oil spray and vegetable broth mixed with garlic to saute' the veggies so I could use the oil to drizzle over top of baked sweet potato chips (sweet potatoes cut into thin pieces, drizzled with olive oil, and seasoned with himalayan salt). I needed chips in my life - something CRUNCHY other than a SALAD.  SO GOOD. :)

How I'm feeling:  Pretty good!  Lots of energy, still sleeping great, skin is looking nice, and I'm just feeling overall happier and more confident :)  I did attempt yoga today, but after 10min I got SO light headed and dizzy - apparently it's normal during detox within week 3 for your blood pressure to lower (so be mindful of up / down motions), and I may need to stick to walking instead of yoga which is fine with me!  :)

Stay tuned for my Day 16 Review...

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