Thursday, September 29, 2016

Ultimate Reset Day 18 Review - What doesn't Kill you Makes you STRONGER, right?? ;)

I knew going into The Ultimate Reset, that it wasn't going to be easy.  I knew it was going to have many ups and downs.  But, I also knew I'd grow as a person.

I've been a little moody today.  I just feel BLAH.  Within my online support group, I've noticed this is a normal part of the detoxification process during week 3 - and, this too...shall pass. <3

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So, I'll keep this short tonight, but I have a lot to say tomorrow <3

Many of the meals this week are "repeat meals" so I'm not even going to edit the photos tonight...(( who am I?? lol ))

Today's breakfast:  Fruit Plate!  Pears and Cantaloupe :)

Today's Lunch:  I ate a regular salad with these convenient "to-go" oil / balsamic vinegar dressings.  I NEEDED a change from the Creamy Garlic dressing.  I do love this dressing, but I needed some variety :)  AND...I was supposed to have a baked sweet potato, but I made Sweet Potato "Chips" instead :)  (Same ingredients, just prepared it differently!

I need to blog this Sweet Potato Chip's yummy!

Tonight's dinner:  I made the Curried Cauliflower again because it made us happy the other night ;)

Happy face = Day 18 YAY!!!
Sad face = Hubby.  3 More Days. lol

hehehe trying to make light of this <3

How we're Feeling:  Hubby wants BACON, and I want a BROWNIE.  haha.  But, we are doing great.  So proud we've made it this far, and looking forward to finishing <3

Stay tuned for my Day 19 Review - 3 more days to GO!

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