Sunday, September 11, 2016

Our Ultimate Reset Journey - Round 2

This Facebook post pretty much sums up why my hubby and I decided NOW is the time to start our 2nd round of The Ultimate Reset Journey!!!

Last time we attempted this cleanse, we didn't really know exactly what we were getting into.  We both thought, "smeh, anyone can do something for TWENTY-ONE days, right?!" LOL - (anyone who knows my hubby with appreciate the SMEH part of this!).

Well, we were wrong.  Cutting ALL caffeine, all alcohol, all sugar, and all processed ANYTHING is a cray cray process.  Your body does all sorts of weird things...that I strangely find fascinating (which I will explain in upcoming posts!).

BUT...I do miss my COFFEE...and hubby will get HANGRY missing MEAT...but, it will all be worth it!!  You will NEVER understand just how AMAZING you will feel during this cleanse...unless you personally DO this cleanse.  

So, what exactly IS The Ultimate Reset?

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We went to a local Farmer's Market and bought most of this (aside for the Ultimate reset package, canned organic black beanse, and ezekial english muffins) for $20 - so, for those who say eating healthy is expensive...think again!

One of my fav parts of The Ultimate Reset the first time around...was trying NEW foods...and learning NEW ways to prepare veggies.  For the last two years, we still keep some of the UR recipes in our weekly family meal plan rotation, AND, hubby and I have both found new, healthy foods we love!! 

Since this is ROUND 2 of The Ultimate Reset for us...I already know which foods we love and which foods we don't care for.  And, if I plan to have my hubby stick to this cleanse...I had to tweak the meal plan a bit.  So, basically...I chose the meals he loves, and swapped some of the ones he didn't like at all with ones he loves with the same nutritional components.

Here is our easy meal plan menu for WEEK 1 of The Ultimate Reset:

Can't wait to share this journey with all of you - you all are our accountability partners <3

Check out my Day 1 Review HERE.

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