Monday, December 26, 2016

1 Year All Access Pass - Virtual Gym Membership - How to Get Healthy and Fit in 2017

It's 2017.   
You've told yourself this year would be different, right?  

THIS is the year you're going to focus on YOU.
This is the year you are going to feel your absolute best.  
This is the year you are going to feel more confident than ever.  
This is the year you're going to feel great in your swimsuit at the beach with your kids.. and at all of the birthday parties and playdates.  
This is the year you're going to actually WANT to be in pictures with your family.  
This year is a fresh start, and you're SERIOUS this time.

You're motivated and excited for this NEW life 2017 has in store for you...sound familiar?

2 Weeks later...

Reality sets in.

You're really dreading waking up in the morning and finding clothes that look ok enough to wear out of the house.

You put on a little makeup because you really don't want to leave the house so early in the morning without just a little.
You drive 15min to the gym only to have to drive around the parking lot to find a parking spot because it's January and the gym is PACKED!  Ugh...why is it so crowded?

You feel a little awkward walking into the gym...there are so many people!  All of the treadmills are taken, you still don't know WHAT to do with the machines or weights. 

You're a busy, working mom - you don't have time to wait around for these machines, and you feel silly just standing there waiting...not knowing what else to do.  

You're not seeing results yet, and you're frustrated.  

You're hungry because you're not sure what to eat so you're simply restricting calories.  

You're starting to doubt yourself.  You're starting to wonder if it's even worth all of the effort since you're not seeing results.  

You start skipping out on the gym because "you don't have time", or because your kids are sick (possibly from the gym child care center), and stop going altogether.

You continue to pay monthly for your gym membership because you have good intentions of going back "sometime soon", but that never happens.

Months later, you finally make it to the gym to cancel your membership in person (and pay the hefty cancellation fee).

Sound familiar?  It does to me!  I was that girl after I had my second baby in 2011.  I know some people love going to the gym, and it works with their lifestyle.  I am supportive with ANY way you choose to get healthy, but I also understand what it's like to be frustrated when the whole gym membership thing clashes with your lifestyle and doesn't work out.  I know what it's like to feel defeated.

Did you know that 80% of people who join a gym end up quitting?  And, 67% of people have a gym membership that they are paying for but never use?

Those statistics are huge!  And, I used to fit right within both of those numbers.


Now imagine this:  
You wake up in the morning, throw on mismatching workout clothes, tie your hair in a messy bun, and check into your online accountability group on Facebook for some daily motivation.  You really don't FEEL like working out, but you see everyone else doing it, and you feel inspired by the morning post you just read.  You see all of the girls in your group posting their breakfast, and you think, "hmmm that looks really GOOD!  I should try that this morning!".  Today, you chose a dance cardio workout out of the 6,000 workouts you had to choose from, and you finish your workout and feel great.  You can't believe you just finished a workout in the amount of time it would have taken you to drive to and from the gym! 

It's week 2, and you're wondering when you're going to see major results, but your online coach assures you this is part of the process - you're going to start FEELING stronger and having more energy first - through consistency, results will follow.   She also encourages that you follow the healthy meal plan provided for you in your online accountability group because nutrition is 70% of your results.

It's week're feeling your jeans are getting looser, and that's awesome motivation to continue your workouts.  You're finding that this whole "clean eating" thing is much more simple than you expected it would be.  And, you're actually loving the foods and not feeling deprived!  This is so much better than calorie counting!!  

It's week're proud of yourself for sticking with it this time.  You've never stuck with exercise and healthy eating for this long!  Friends and family are starting to notice and tell you how much happier you seem and how amazing your results are.  You find yourself wanting to get out of the house and experience new things.  You find yourself playing with your kids more because you have so much more energy.  You can actually see yourself doing this for the rest of your life.

Did you know that statistics show people are 70% more likely to follow through with their health and fitness goals and see RESULTS if they have the support and guidance of an online health and fitness coach and online accountability groups?

I started off as a challenger with health and fitness goals 5 years ago after I quit going to the gym.  I fell in love with the process, and I now coach online accountability groups!

If you've tried the whole gym membership thing before and it hasn't worked for you, OR if you just know the gym won't fit into your busy lifestyle, a Virtual Gym Membership may be exactly what you need.


--UNLIMITED ACCESS for ONE YEAR to EVERY single program we have - around 6,000 Beachbody workouts designed by celebrity fitness trainers.  Consider this like NETFLIX for Beachbody and home fitness! We have workouts for beginners like P90 and Slim in 6, workouts for yoga lovers like PiYO and 3 Week Yoga Retreat, dance cardio workouts like Country Heat and CIZE, strength training workouts like Hammer and Chisel and Body Beast, workouts designed for fitness competitors like 21 Day Fix Extreme, HIIT workouts like T25 and Insanity, workouts for busy people (30 min or less) like 22min Hard Core and Max30, and SO many more.  We want this to be a LIFESTYLE (not a quick-fix-then-quit), so having access to ALL of the workouts Beachbody has EVER released will help you build upon your monthly goals as you continue to achieve results.  All brand new Beachbody workouts we launch in 2017 will also be included! (and, we have some EPIC programs coming soon!)

--FAMILY ACCESS -  1 Membership - shared with the entire family. (I'm pretty certain gyms don't offer this!)

--STREAM ANYWHERE THAT HAS WIFI - tablets, phones, computers, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire, etc.

--30 days of a superfood nutrition supplement that will help kick the sugar cravings and provide energy and stamina for workouts

--Portion control color coded containers so you can track the amount of food you need for optimal results

--LIFETIME access to ALL of my accountability/support groups that help you with accountability, meal planning, and motivation (including the January HealthBet--you'll get PAID just for being a part of it)

--Support from a Coach (me!) 

--An online healthy food cooking show by one of our celebrity fitness trainers with printable recipes

--A 3 Day Cleanse to jumpstart your 2017 weight loss results (optional add on)

--No monthly fee, and if you don't feel any different in 30 days, you can request a FULL refund (Gyms don't offer this!)

--And more!!


Enrollment for the Virtual Gym Membership will begin on December 27, 2016.  

Fill out my online form.

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