Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Ultimate Reset Day 16 Review - What if I Don't Like the Foods?

This post is going to be a quick update since I worked a half day and then went shopping all day (my clothes in my closet are all getting so loose!), I just finished homework with the kids, got them dressed for their first ice skating lesson, and I need to prep dinner before we leave - eek! ;)

Little Floridians on Ice <3
Anyways...I've had a few people concerned and asking me, "What if I don't like the food on The Ultimate Reset?"

Here are my thoughts:  This is a LEARNING experience.  Just like I encourage my kids to at least TRY new foods, I encourage you to do the same!  Hubby and I have both been pretty surprised about certain foods we expected to hate but ended up really enjoying, and we will continue to make some of these meals post-Reset!  This program will teach you that healthy eating doesn't have to mean eating plain chicken with broccoli every single day of your life!  

Did we love every meal?  If you've read my previous updates, you probably already know we didn't love every meal - BUT, I trusted the process, made the best of every day, and we're thrilled with our results so far.  So, basically the benefits far outweigh the fact that I had to tell myself to "suck it up, buttercup" a few times! ;)  ALSO - there is a menu in the back of the nutrition plan called "Reset in a Crunch".  If I thought certain meals may be "questionable" (especially for hubby who isn't too keen on eating so many veggies), I logged into my online accountability group, searched the group for the specific recipe, and read what others thought of it.  If they were pleasantly surprised and really liked the meal, I decided to give it a shot!  If they all were saying they didn't like it, I chose a meal from the "Reset in a Crunch" menu instead.

Worked great for us! :)

Trust me, if you embrace this program, you will learn a ton of valuable information that you will use for the rest of your life.  

Today's breakfast:  Fruit Plate!  Apples, Pears, and Strawberries.  I wasn't hungry when I woke up this morning, so I couldn't even finish my food!

Today's lunch:  was supposed to be Asian Cabbage salad, but neither of us were very hungry (and honestly, I needed a break from prepping and didn't feel like eating the same lunch we ate yesterday), so we had a serving of Miso Soup and a Vegan Shakeology mixed with 1/4 avocado.  

We were famished around 3pm, so we snacked on carrots and 1/2 of an avocado (snack list suggestion for Phase 3).

Tonight's dinner:  Curried Cauliflower and Broccoli.  Speaking of "What if I don't like the Foods?"...this one was "iffy" for us.  Neither of us like Cauliflower.  But, the ladies in my online support group said they loved it, so we decided to try it out!  And....it's GOOD!!!  Hubby hates cauliflower, but this was the best cauliflower we've ever had.  It didn't have that bitter, weird cauliflower taste - the curry completely took that away.  Hubby said he liked it better than the buffalo cauliflower we tried at a restaurant we love (the only kind he's ever made an effort to eat and kind of liked lol).  We skipped the broccoli because I got home from our ice skating lessons a little late, and neither of us cared to eat broccoli with cauliflower.

How I Feel:  Great, but ready to be D-O-N-E and back on my normal, healthy, BALANCED routine!! ;)

Stay tuned for my Day 17 Review...

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