Thursday, September 15, 2016

Ultimate Reset Day 3 Review - Why Meal Prepping is KEY

It's officially Day 3!!  

I woke up this morning soooo groggy.  And, FULL of anxiety because after 3 weeks of dealing issues at school, I had to wake up at 5:30am to get ready, drive my 7yr old to school, and walk her into a new classroom to meet her new teacher she's switching to 4 weeks into the new school year.  Not ideal, but the switch will be worth it!  And, coffee.  So, I had to meet the teacher without my brain, basically. ;)

HOWEVER...I woke up 2.2lbs lighter which is crazy because this honestly feels like I'm eating a lot of food!

Breakfast today looks a lot like our Day 1 Breakfast:  2 Scrambled Eggs, Spinach, and Ezekial English Muffin - I made it an open faced sandwich today.

3 Week Yoga Retreat was exactly what I needed to ease some of my nerves today.  Last time we did The Ultimate Reset, we chose not to workout.  I remember muscle aches and flu-like symptoms on Day 3 last time around...and, today I feel amazing so far!  And, my mind is much more at peace.

Lunch was simple today because everything was PREPPED.  This is exactly why I spent so much time prepping the other day.  The last thing you feel like doing during this cleanse is being in the kitchen for HOURS daily - I learned that the first time around.  If you missed my prepping post, click here.

Lunch today:  Microgreen salad (again) and Miso Soup.  I know there will come a point where I get sick of this yummy salad, but for now...I'm happy my belly is full!

I bought the Miso Soup on Amazon after having a hard time finding the right kind at a local store.  This soup was so easy to make!  Pour 6oz of hot water on top of a cube, stir, and add some fresh chives - DONE!  I love easy! ;)

I did sneak in the "optional" snack today because I was hungry...andddd because I was craving something sweet :)

1/2 cup Organic Full Fat Greek Yogurt with 1/3 cup Raspberries with a speck of maple syrup - SO GOOD!  I already notice my tastebuds are changing.  Everything tastes so good and so much sweeter!

For Dinner, we used our prepped rice, beans, corn, and pico to make the Southwestern Tacos again. Since I'm replacing the Nori Rolls (sushi) with Miso Soup meal, I'm going to make sure my portions of "chips" and rice are a bit smaller (cut in half) since the Nori Rolls have a little less starchy carbs.  And, I'm adding Miso Soup.  I know I may not be following the plan to a TEE, but I do think it's important to make this cleanse fit within your life.  This is easier for me to prep, and I'm not forcing hubby to eat anything he doesn't like.  Win-win.

Oh, and same supplements for this entire week!  You can view more about the supplements (Mineralize, Optimize, Alkalinize, and Soothe) and what they do within my Day 1 post.

How I'm Feeling:  I had a small energy crash mid-afternoon, but my energy picked back up right after dinner!  Now that my body is adjusting to no caffeine, I can actually FEEL energy from food which is pretty cool ;)  And, my headaches are G-O-N-E!!!!

Stay tuned for my Day 4 post... :)  What do my KIDS eat during the Reset??

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