Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Ultimate Reset Day 8 Review - Can I Lose Weight on The Ultimate Reset?

Phase 1 Results are in...I'm down 6.4lbs and Nick (who has Hashimoto's / Hypothyroidism) is down 8lbs!!  Not too shabby for 7 days :)

Yes...you CAN lose weight on The Ultimate Reset!  However, I want to note that this program was not designed as a weight loss program.  

This program was designed to fully cleanse and detox the body so it starts functioning the way its supposed to:  
  • Better digestion
  • Energy without caffeine (the type of energy you used to wake up with as a child)
  • Clearer skin
  • Better mood
  • Regulated hormones
  • Clear thinking (no more foggy brain)
  • The list goes on...

A BONUS happens to be weight loss!

I have to admit...weight loss was one of my goals going into this.  I've been feeling like my hormones are a bit "off" which is making it more difficult to lose weight.  I felt like my body needed a fresh start.  I can't remember the last time I lost over 2lbs in one week...let alone 6.4lbs!  And, as you see from my previous daily updates...I've been eating a LOT of food!

This program is perfect for anyone who feels like weight loss has been a struggle - maybe your body needs a fresh start too.  Or, anyone who is overweight and is limited to the exercise they are able to do - this program would be the perfect weight loss --clean up your nutrition-- jumpstart.  I've had challengers in my online accountability groups who have lost 10-30lbs in 21 days following this plan.  If you're struggling, you should give it a try!

Today's breakfast:  Fruit plate - Apples and peaches!

Lots of salads this week!  So, I'm prepping ahead for the next couple of days!

Today's lunch:  You guessed it...Microgreen salad.  This time, with 1/4 avocado.  I'm not too into avocados, but they are healthy (filling) fats, and a salad alone would NOT fill me up.  So, I cut them up in tiny pieces, and they were ok - they added a little creaminess to the salad.  I made the Basic Vinaigrette dressing, and we didn't like it so I'll be making the Creamy Garlic dressing again tomorrow!

Totally thought about skipping yoga today...

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BUT...I know how much BETTER I feel after it's over...hello endorphins!! <3  Try 3 Week Yoga Retreat HERE for free!

Tonight's dinner:  Pinto Beans and rice with zucchini.  

The recipe called for steamed zucchini with EVOO, but I chose to saute' it because that's how we prefer it!  I'm not a big fan of beans or rice, so this wasn't my favorite meal...but it's food so I ate it. lol

Pinto Beans, Brown Rice, and Zucchini
We even got the kids in on this meal.  We encouraged them to TRY each side and finish one or the other and they could have a small lollipop (something Ayla brought home from school).  Maddox (our 4yr old) loved the pinto beans and rice and kept calling the zucchini "bikinis" lol...and, then both kids started calling the zucchinis "kiwi" since they tried kiwi for the first time last night.  We're all having fun with this ;)

PS- I always keep something familiar on the kids' plates.  Less new food anxiety this way ;)

Kids meal - Pinto Beans and Rice, Zucchini, and Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets ;)
And, of course I made enough for leftovers!

How I'm feeling:  I'm surprised this really hasn't been hard for me...yet!  Energy is good, I'm no longer bloated, and I feel like I'm really leaning out in my rib cage / belly area.  I can't believe I don't miss meat at ALL!  I haven't eaten red meat since I was 12yrs old.  This plan is making me realize I'm just not a big meat eater in general.  

Stay tuned for my Day 9 Review... (and, thanks for reading and holding me accountable!)

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