Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Ultimate Reset - Day 1 Review - Meal Prep Tips

It's Day 1 of our Ultimate Reset Journey!!!  If you missed my last post about WHAT The Ultimate Reset is, why hubby and I are doing it, AND our Meal Plan for Week 1, check out this link.

This morning, we woke up with the kids at 6:15am, SO tired after a weekend vacation, and not allowed to have our morning coffee.  My brain has felt a little foggy, but overall...feeling ok!

Hubby made breakfast:  2 Scrambled Eggs, Steamed Spinach, and 1/2 of an Ezekial english muffin.  Not bad!

I spent the afternoon prepping for the week...which meant a lot of chopping veggies.

Since this is my second time doing The Ultimate Reset, I learned quite a bit last time, and throughout this post, I'm going to share with you a few things that I'm doing differently this time around to make things easier!

Tip #1:  I chopped ALL veggies for this week - all in different sizes - put them in BPA free plastic bowls with lids and/or ziplock bags (I ran out of bowls ;)

  • Big slices of tomatoes for hubby
  • Diced tomatoes for salads and taco night {pico}
  • Large onions for stir fry
  • Diced onions for salads and Taco night {pico}
  • Bigger carrots for stir fry
  • Small carrots for salads
  • Chunks of carrots, beets, and yams for Roasted Root Medley {not pictured}
  • Red peppers big enough for salad or stir fry
  • Zucchini for stir fry
  • Broccoli for stir fry and salads
  • Chives for miso soup and salads
  • Boiled corn on the cob and cut the corn off of the cob
  • Lettuce in mason jars (stays fresher longer)

Tip #2:  Double the Salad Dressing recipe and bottle the rest.  I chose the Creamy Garlic Dressing because it's my favorite.  When you put in the fridge, the oil will solidify.  So, make sure you let it sit out for about 30min before you need to use it, shake, and serve!

Today's lunch was the Microgreen salad.  This salad has so much flavor and texture, and I love pumpkin seeds in my salads.  It's my fav!  Hubby, who doesn't love many veggies, actually ate all of the veggies and said he approved.  We are off to a good start ;)  We were supposed to have the miso soup too, but I ordered on Amazon, and it's supposed to arrive tomorrow...so, we had to skip that today.

And, dinner tonight was Baked salmon with baby potatoes and Broccolini (substituted the asparagus).  This is a recipe I will definitely make again.  Hubby wasn't thrilled with the fact that dinner was salmon, but he was surprised he actually liked it!

Day 1 Supplements:

  • Mineralize: Promotes stable PH balance, aids in the absorption of food particles through the digestive tract, regulates water content throughout the body, prevents muscle cramps, and helps support cellular function.
  • Optimize: A proprietary blend of systemic enzymes that helps turn back the clock and helps restore your body to its full function.  Promotes a healthy metabolism.
  • Alkalinize: Helps neutralize excess acidity in your body improving the overall level.  Excess acidity has been linked to cancer and other diseases and illnesses, so it's important to keep your PH level in check!  
  • Soothe: Helps enhance digestive health and reduces inflammation in the body.

How I Feel Today:
Around 2pm I started getting a slight headache which is pretty normal from caffeine and sugar withdrawal.  I started feeling a little fatigued around the time the kids got home from school (homework time!), and by dinner time my headache was in full force!  I was also dealing with some parent-teacher issues at Ayla's school (ya know...fun parent stuff!), and I felt more irritable and emotional than usual about it.  Once the kids went to bed, I was exhausted!!  Your body uses a LOT of energy detoxifying.  I went to bed at 8pm when the kids did. lol  <3

Stay tuned for my Day 2 post... :)

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