Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Ultimate Reset Day 17 Review - How the Ultimate Reset is like...--- Pregnancy???

OMG you guys...I'm hanging in there...but, I'm OVER IT.  It's Day 17.  I can't help but think of a convo I had with a friend 2 yrs ago regarding The Ultimate Reset:

She told me, "The Ultimate Reset is kind of like pregnancy.  The 1st Phase/Week is like the 1st Trimester:  You feel exhausted, challenged, and, really... like crap.  The 2nd Phase/Week is like the 2nd Trimester:  You feel AMAZING.  Full of energy.  Excited.  Seeing change.  On top of the world.  The 3rd Phase/Week is like the 3rd Trimester:  You wonder how much longer you can do this.  It's a true test.  You're OVER it.  OH-VER-ITTTT.  Then, a year later, you remember the outcome, how happy it made you, and you're ready to do it again." LOL....IT'S SO TRUE!!!!

Will I do The Ultimate Reset again?  I don't really want to talk about that right now (lol)...but, I know my answer in 6 months will be YES!  Absolutely.  But, for now...we're riding the struggle bus. lol

Today's breakfast:  Fruit Plate!  (3 cups of fruit) - Pears, Cantaloupe, and watermelon.

Today's lunch:  Moroccan Carrot Salad over 3 cups of Salad Greens. I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor and yumminess of the carrot salad - clean, sweet, a little salty, with a spice to it!  Then, I tried to eat all of it and just felt bleh.  Too many raw veggies for me.  The plus side - I couldn't finish and I was full - I tried something new that I DID like...but, I didn't want to eat several cup fulls of it lol.  I would make it again ...but, only as a small side on a salad.  

Tonight's dinner:  Delicata Squash and Broccoli.  

How I Feel:  Like I said above, over it.  Not frustrated.  Just over it.  I have a new appreciation for those who eat a RAW diet after today's lunch - that takes some intense WILLPOWER.  I'm not tempted to quit...I'm just looking forward to the finish line THAT much more.  I want some crock pot CHICKEN stat!!! haha 

Stay tuned for my Day 18 Review...

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