Saturday, February 14, 2015

Mermaid Hair - Bed Head Wave Artist Review and Tutorial

Hey guys!!!  So, I posted a picture of my "Mermaid Hair" on Thursday, and I had many of you asking which hair tool I used to create the waves.  No, I didn't create the waves with a dinglehopper as one of you questioned :p

The Bed Head Wave Artist is one of my new favorite hair tools.  It achieves a different look than a curling iron, it doesn't weigh my down, and the waves last...even over night -- yay for second day hair!! :D's how I did it:

1.  Blow completely dry and smooth.
2.  Apply heat protectant.
3.  Straighten crazy spots.
4.  Separate hair in half.  (We will separate in 3 sections, so make this half 1/3 of your hair--clip the rest up).
5.  Separate bottom section in two.  Spray back half with hairspray, brush through.  When dry, use the tool LABEL SIDE UP on the back half.  Hold each "crimp" for approx 12 seconds, move down.  TIP: Don't crimp last 1/2inch-1 inch (leave straight).  Separate and spray with hairspray.  Move the finished hair to the other side of your shoulder.  "Crimp" front half, separate, and spray with hairspray.
6.  Repeat on other side.
7.  Move all finished hair to one side (clip to one side if needed), and let down layer 2.
8.  Move back to front, separating, spraying, and moving aside when finished.
9.  Let down TOP layer.  Section into THREE (side, side, and back).  Repeat with tool faced LABEL DOWN.
10.  Separate and spray.  Flip head upside down if you need a little more volume.  Spray :)


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