Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Income of a Beachbody Coach -- Dream Big!!

A question I get often.  How much money does a Beachbody Coach make?

Well, that all depends.  This business can be as little or as much as you'd like it to be depending on your effort and your drive to better yourself and others.  In this business, your income is a reflection of the number of lives you change.  I started with changing myself and started to inspire others.  I felt changes in my own life, so it was only natural for me to want to pass this gift onto others.  I knew I had found my passion and purpose, and I ran with this business.

Soooo....money.  It's a sticky thing to talk about, and it honestly always makes me feel a little uncomfortable.  I would never want to come across as BOASTING...but, I do want to share what is possible for YOU if you're willing to work on bettering yourself and sharing your successes and obstacles in hopes to inspire people just like you to change their lives.

Here's me before and after my transformation:

How could I NOT share something with you that has changed MY life (and family) AND the lives of many of my teammates?

I talk to many challengers about challenge groups. Some of them say they can’t afford to put their health as a priority because they live on ONE income. Sometimes they are military wives, stay at home mom’s, single moms, and they think they have NO other option. For this reason, they continue to struggle financially and feel stress because of it.

Let me tell you…

If I wasn’t a Beachbody coach, we’d live on ONE income right now, too.  Paycheck to paycheck.

Why? Because hubby’s job relocated us unexpectedly in April of 2013. Luckily I had just started my coaching business, because I wasn’t able to uproot my small business I owned back home. It would have been too much expense and too much risk with NO guarantee of a paycheck.  The reputation of my permanent makeup business isn’t here...it’s back home.  It takes years for a brand new business to start seeing PROFIT. Yep...too much risk.

I have NO college degree which would have meant ----> NO JOB.
I chose NOT to settle.  So, I decided to pursue FULL time coaching.

THIS was my first paycheck as a coach:

Yep. I sold ONE challenge pack...to my SISTER! ;) 

I worked HARD...talking to many others who were interested, but not 100% ready to change. At my other job, it probably took me about 30 minutes to make $70. I felt like I worked my BOOTY off for this $70. But, it was WORTH it. My sister regained her confidence, and her life did a complete turn around. For those of you who know her, you know what I’m talking about!!

Yep, that’s my sis below!

I just helped improve ONE life. What a feeling!!! 

**Also notice...This check shows RETAIL commission only!!! It was me, and ONLY me** #ONEpersonTEAM

FAST FORWARD ---------> 6 months: 

My amazing team of coaches has GROWN--
AND, I started building **Nick’s team**!!!
 **I originally signed my husband in order to get me to EMERALD rank...little did I know how beneficial this would be later… :)  PS.  If this sounds like a different language...it kind of is, but only at first.  It becomes fluent as you learn the ropes.

My paycheck as a DIAMOND Coach
My Business:

TEAM BONUSES: $414.00 
This means my TEAM is succeeding and making income as well
You see...when I help my TEAM succeed...Beachbody gives me bonuses!! Cool, right?!

Nick’s business: 
No commissions yet!! 
 Gotta start somewhere :)

Total 6 Month WEEKLY Commission: $698.97

  My Business:                            

are growing because 
my TEAM is succeeding!!
Matching bonuses are VERY cool!! This TINY percentage I receive as a bonus means my team is building teams of their OWN and making additional bonuses themselves
 #duplication #developingleaders  **Beachbody rewards me for this as well!**

Nick’s Business
Nick’s business opened AFTER mine. 
He has **less retail sales** yet MORE team bonuses.
He is making MORE money than ME!!!

It doesn’t matter WHEN you start your business. You have JUST as much opportunity-- if not MORE than the people who sign up before you. Nick happened to sign a coach who grew a BIG team 
--------> which is why his bonuses are higher :)

 My Second Business:
(Just opened)

My second business JUST opened and is again..
ALL retail sales because I don’t yet have a TEAM :)

Total 1 Year WEEKLY Commission: $1,905.40

19 MONTHS as a Coach (3 star Diamond and 
Hubby as 1 Star Diamond):
My focus has shifted from solely helping CHALLENGERS-- to *also* helping my teammates learn and GROW businesses of their own...just like I did! Ahhhh mentoring!! Love mentoring!!

My team bonuses have grown, but more importantly, my MATCHING bonuses have grown...which means my coaches are making some amazing team bonuses.

They are THRIVING. So exciting!

                                                                   My Business:                                

This means my team’s TEAMS are getting bigger!! :) They are succeeding and duplicating!

Nick’s Business: 

Again, Nick’s business opened AFTER mine. 
He has even **less retail sales** than me AND he’s still profiting MORE!
You NEVER know who is going to walk into your business and CHANGE everything!!!
My Second Business: 

My second business (still higher in retail sales) is starting to gain TEAM BONUSES!!! 
Sound like a familiar pattern?! :)

TOTAL: $3,090.82
for ONE week!

Seriously...where else could I work from home...that requires NO college education, a very low (and sometimes even FREE) business starting fee -- NO RISK...that I actually LOVE ...and...know I’m improving the lives of others daily…

AND MAKE $3,090 per week 
after only 19 months?!?!?!?!?!?!

UPDATE: Still growing...even in December (the slowest time of the year for Health / Fitness)

UPDATE:  New year always brings new business GROWTH!  Changing lives and building financial freedom <3

March 5, 2015

This is insane to me. It still blows my mind and makes me feel incredibly blessed to have stumbled upon this opportunity--which started with me and 25lbs of baby weight to lose!

My TEAM has become like a second family to me.

I want nothing more than to see them succeed. I pour my heart and soul into helping them and in turn, they continue to inspire me with all they do!!! I feel even more excited to see them hit their milestones than my own. It’s like living it ALL over again and knowing in the back of my mind how this is going to change their lives within the next several months just as it changed mine!!!!!!! That defines success for me!

Anyone can do this!!!

I would love to show you exactly how I (and my team) have become so successful.

If you’d like to be selected for my next coach training and you’re willing to meet me half way, you will be THRILLED with your progress within 1 year’s time.

Are you ready?

If you’re questioning it...just do it! It took me TWO years to make my decision and take the plunge. I can only imagine where I’d be now if I would have started 2 years ago!! :)


**"Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill."



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