Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Chipotle Inspired Cilantro Chicken Bowl -- 21 Day Fix Approved

I just tried Chipotle for the first time on vacation, and I'm obsessed!  Yes, I know, live under a rock. :D  We got home, and I was feeling the need to eat healthy after over-indulging for 4 days, but I also needed to satisfy this craving...soooooo, my sweet hubby went to the store and picked up ingredients to make a lower-carb version (aka--skipped the rice but had to keep the corn).  It was fabulous.  Here it is: 1 RED 1 YELLOW 1/2 GREEN

Cilantro Chicken Bowl

1lb boneless, skinless chicken breasts 
4TBS vinegar
2TBS chipotle
2TBS chili powder
2TBS black pepper
Fresh salsa
Fat free plain greek yogurt
1 can black beans
Pico de gallo
1 Organic corn on the cob

Marinate chicken in vinegar and spices for 30min
Preheat oven to 400 degrees
Bake for 15min, flip chicken, and bake for another 8min or until tender and cooked all the way through
**If you're in a rush, you may use your Easy Prep Chicken instead and add spices.**
Place corn in water, bring to a boil, turn off burner, cover, and let sit
Heat black beans on stove top or in microwave
Slice chicken, and top with plain greek yogurt, black beans, salsa, pico, cilantro, and corn
Enjoy! :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Top 10 Mistakes that Brand New Beachbody Coaches Make

I've learned a lot within my {almost} 3 years as a Beachbody coach.  Some of my teammates are super successful.  We are currently ranked an 8 Star Elite team (12 Star combined). While many coaches on our team are very successful, others have "tried" to build a business and quit before their business ever took off!  Why does this happen?  There seems to be a pattern with coaches who are unsuccessful in this business...let me explain...


1-  Social media becomes a Beachbody BILLBOARD with stock photos of Shakeology and workouts.
Social media is a place where people go to connect with other people.  They don’t go on social media to BUY things.  They go on AMAZON to buy things.  So, first things first.  Your social media should give people a good idea of WHO you are, WHAT you love, and what your LIFE is like.  YOU are not Beachbody.  YOU are you…and, Beachbody, a healthy lifestyle, and coaching just happens to be a part of your life.  Share your life, personality, and what makes you YOU.  And, share Beachbody as it fits into your life.  Come up with real, transparent, authetic posts that share the real YOU.  Don't just SHARE all other coach's posts :)



2-  They lead with their OWN agenda instead of listening to people’s goals and helping them find a solution.
You’ll find that people aren’t too motivated by YOUR Success Club goals.  They are inspired by your excitement and your journey, but they are MOTIVATED by their own goals and how their lives will be happier once they reach their goals.  As a coach, it’s your job to ask questions, be a good listener, and focus on how you can HELP.  I promise you…people FEEL if you genuinely care, and they don’t care what you know until they know that you care.  Aim to be the HELPER.  Add value to their lives, and be a problem solver, and your goals will naturally happen.

3-  They don’t post on social media in fear of what friends / family might think or say.
People will have their opinions whether they voice them or not.  Not just about your new coaching journey, but EVERYTHING in life.  It’s impossible to make everyone happy.  You can’t be everyone’s cup of tea.  True friends will support anything they see that is positive in your life.  If they are not supportive, they are not your true friends.  You know the saying goes, “Those who matter don’t mind, and those who mind don’t matter”.  Your social media is the store front of your business.  If you are not posting {consistently}, it’s like putting a “CLOSED” sign on your business.

PS-- I've had friends disapprove, and after seeing my success with the business...they joined.  Sometimes you need to PROVE it to them :)

4-  They expect their upline coach to give them permission to start.  They are afraid to fail forward.  They expect that success should fall into their lap without putting forth the effort.
YOU are now a business owner…so, it’s time to start thinking like one :)  Our team training and online office provides resources for every question you have.  Business owners learn through trial and error.  We like to call this “Failing Forward”.  You need to realize right now that you’re not going to do everything right the first time.  And, that’s ok.  Making mistakes is the only way you can learn, grow, and become better.  Your upline coach is your MENTOR, not your boss.  A mentor is someone who has done something you want to do who is able to guide you to the resources you need and SHOW you how they succeeded.  Your upline coach should match your efforts.  But, if you stop showing up, they are not going to keep messaging you to ask why. They can’t do the work FOR you. It’s up to you to show up daily and do the work.  As a business owner, the only person fully responsible for your success is you! 

5-  They waste a lot of time scrolling the newsfeed and being unproductive.
Ahhhh it’s SO easy to get sucked into social media and think you’re working! ;)  I've been guilty of this too!  But, if you’re scrolling the newsfeed or Pinterest, I hate to burst your bubble, but that’s not work, my friends. ;)  If you’re not focused on your to-do list and doing your 3 vitals…you’re not working…you’re actually wasting time that COULD be spent building your future OR spent with your family.  Write out your to-do list, turn off all notifications and other distractions, and knock it out!  

6-  They OVERTHINK and never implement because it has to be “Perfect".
You can watch all of the trainings in the world, but if you’re not implementing what you learn, the time spent watching trainings isn’t doing you any good.  DONE is much better than perfect.  Don’t overthink, dream, and fantasize…just DO.

7-  They lead with FACTS instead of PASSION and stories.
Have you ever heard, “Do it with passion or not at all?”  That’s so true!  Passion and excitement are like a MAGNET!  You can list the facts about Shakeology, but until they know what it’s DONE for you they don’t really care.  Sharing your story and your struggles (with a silver lining) help people connect with you and relate with you.  That’s what helps you stand apart from other coaches.  And, ultimately, that’s what makes someone choose YOU to be their coach—because they feel connected with you in some way, and/or because they felt your passion and excitement and wanted to be around it.

8-  They wait to share their journey because they want “the perfect body”
People are not inspired by perfection.  They can’t relate to perfection.  They are inspired by your JOURNEY.  They are inspired by seeing someone just like them accomplish something they hope to accomplish themselves.  If you can make someone think, “If she can do it, so can I!”—you’ve just inspired them!  If you wait to share your results until your journey is over…you’re missing out on valuable potential growth {and gaining a following} in your business.  Check out Ali's results.  She's a DIAMOND coach on our team who has been rocking her journey fearlessly from Day 1.  Sharing her entire journey has inspired so many people in her path and has grown her a successful business.  Doesn't she look fab?!

9-  They skip one or more of the 3 Vital Behaviors
  • They skip Personal Development because they “don’t have time” or “don’t need it”.  For many coaches, PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT is the most common thing coaches tend to blow off — yet, it’s the MOST important thing IMO that will set YOU apart from other coaches. PD will teach you:  -How to become a more positive person.  -How to be an amazing communicator so you understand how your potential customers and coaches think so you can better relate to and help them!  -To shift your mindset from “Employee" (which most of you are right now if you work for someone else and you’ve never owned your own business) to “Business Owner” mindset — which will literally make or break you in this business.  -How to SELF-motivate yourself.  -How to organize yourself and learn how to work SMARTER instead of HARDER so you can balance business with family life.  -How to be a great LEADER to your team.  -How to deal with negative situations and find the silver lining.  -How to inspire others
  • They are not a product of the product.  Just as you cannot recommend a restaurant you’ve never been to, it’s almost impossible to convince someone to spend their hard earned dollars on something YOU don’t believe is worth the money yourself.  I, personally, only recommend the products I use and love.  This way, I come across as genuine because I have personal experience and can speak about these things with passion and excitement!   ALSO—if you’re not being a product of the product, that makes it very difficult to share your journey on social media to inspire other people which gives you less to post about.  I notice when my coaches fall off the health/fitness wagon, they stop posting which, in turn, effects their business.  If you are a product of the product, you will stay passionate about what you’re doing and helping others!
  • They feel uncomfortable personally inviting, so they post on Facebook and expect people to come to them.  You have to remember that only 3-10% of your FB friends actually see your posts!  So, you can’t just post and expect that everyone comes knocking at your door.  You have to actively invite people to join with you!  No, you don’t have to single people out or make them feel like you’re asking them to join a challenge because they NEED to.  We are not in business to annoy or offend people.  First, you need to BELIEVE in what you’re doing.  I would hope that a challenge group has benefitted your life in some way and you’re feeling great!  Don’t you want to share that with people?  I HOPE SO!  What you have to offer is amazing…don’t be afraid to share it with the world.  

10-   They get discouraged and want to quit because people are saying “no” to them.  Or, they don’t give themselves enough TIME to build a successful business.
This is NOT a quick money making scheme.  This is a legit business that takes time, patience, and effort to build.  People say no for 2 reasons:  Either you made them feel in some way that you didn’t care about helping them with their goals {you were leading with YOUR goals instead of theirs} OR they are simply not ready.  People have to be in the right mindset to want to make a big lifestyle change.  If they don’t feel like they will fully commit, they won’t join you.  But, they will continue to watch you to see if you’re consistent.  So, keep sharing what you’re doing.  Offer to help them anyway you can, even if you’re just sending them a random, helpful tip.  If you show you care, they will come back to you when they feel ready.  I like to tell my coaches, “Be here in a year”.  If you’re doing your 3 Vitals daily and posting on social media daily, you will see growth in your business.  The only way to FAIL is if you QUIT.

Instant Oatmeal in a Mason Jar

OMG I found this recipe on a fellow blogger's blog and fell in LOVE.   These "Instant" oatmeals are so simple for on the go and/or for the littles <3
Recipe and photo credit: CleanFoodCrush.com


"I use all freeze dried fruit (no sugar added). It’s crunchy and sweet.
Freeze-dried fruit maintains all of it’s vital nutrients and vibrant flavor, making it a convenient shelf-stable healthy option.
(no refrigeration needed)

■  Apples & Cinnamon

(1/4 cup freeze Dried Apples, 1/4 tsp Cinnamon, pinch of granulated stevia, or granulated sweetener of choice)

■ Raspberries & Dark Chocolate or Cacao Nibs

(1/4 cup freeze dried Raspberries & 2 Tbsp dark chocolate chips or nibs)

■ Monkey Mix

(1/4 cup freeze dried banana chips, 1 Tbsp coconut flakes, 1 Tbsp dark chocolate chips or nibs)

■ Triple Berry

(1/4 cup freeze dried triple berry mix & a pinch of granulated stevia, or granulated sweetener of choice)

■ Blueberries & Cream

(1/4 cup freeze dried blueberries, a pinch of powdered vanilla (huge health benefits in powdered compared to liquid extract), & a pinch of granulated stevia or granulated sweetener of choice)

■ Peaches & Cream

(1/4 cup freeze dried peaches, pinch of powdered vanilla (huge health benefits in powdered compared to liquid extract), & a pinch of granulated stevia, or granulated sweetener of choice)

■  Strawberry & Banana

(2 Tbsp freeze dried strawberries, 2 Tbsp freeze dried banana & a pinch of granulated stevia, or granulated sweetener of choice)
■ Try adding your favorite chopped nuts, or a 1/2 scoop of protein powder to any of these varieties.
(THINK: Banana-Pecan, or Raspberry-Walnut! GET CREATIVE)


Prep ahead:
Use Pint glass canning jars to ensure that you will have room for your liquid & stirring.
  • The photo shows 1/2 pint jars that were assembled for my children using smaller 1/3 cup portions of rolled oats. :)
■  Add 1/2 cup dry rolled/old fashioned oats to the bottom of the glass jar.
(note: this method will NOT work with steel-cut oats)
■  Add your favorite flavor combos.
■  Seal tightly, and store in the pantry until ready to use.
(For freshest flavor use within 10 days)"
Recipe and photo credit: CleanFoodCrush.com

Monday, June 22, 2015

Spaghetti Squash Tuna Casserole

Spaghetti Squash Tuna Casserole:
Ok, so this one came out of the blue!! We are going on vacation in 2 days and have very limited groceries! wink emoticon I googled "Spaghetti Squash and Tuna" and a similar recipe popped up! I used the ingredients we had on hand and altered the recipe a bit, and to my surprise, it was a hit! SO GOOD!

2 packs of Tuna (in water)
2 cups of Cream of Mushroom Soup (low sodium and lower in fat -- I only had Campbell's on hand...because like I said, I was workin with what I had...but, Amy's Organic would be a better option)
Frozen Peas
1 Large Spaghetti Squash
1 tsp Pink Himalayan Salt
1/2 tsp Black Pepper
1/2 tsp tumeric powder
Sprinkle of Panko Crumbs
Sprinkle of reduced fat Mozzarella Cheese

Cut spaghetti squash in half (vertically), and scoop out seeds.
Place 1 TBS of water on a plate, and place spaghetti squash face down on the plate. Microwave for 12min. Let sit for about 5min (will be HOT!)
Mix all ingredients (excluding the topping) and scooped out spaghetti squash in a medium casserole dish.
Bake for 20min.
Add topping and bake for another 10min.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Is Beachbody a Pyramid Scheme or Scam?


Sooooo...within my THREE years as a Beachbody coach, I've had several people ask me, "Is this one of those PYRAMID things?".  Half of the time they are not even SURE what that even MEANS! haha  But, I'll be straight up with you.  I was one of those skeptical people who thought the same exact thing.  I researched extensively to find the real facts before I jumped 2 feet into coaching.  There IS a difference between a "Pyramid Scheme or Scam" and a "Legitimate MLM company".  Here's the scoop!

But, first...FUN FACT:  Did you know that 83% of women who make 
OVER $100,000 per year work for an MLM?  Yep.  That's right.  Ok...read on :)

FACTS from the FTC Guidelines

FTC:  "Pyramid Schemes promise consumers or investors large profits based primarily on recruiting others to join their program, not based on profits from any real investment or real sale of goods to the public."
Beachbody spends millions of dollars every single year on informercials promoting REAL products that help the public achieve REAL results.

FTC:  "Some schemes may purport to sell a product, but they often simply use the product to hide their pyramid structure. There are two tell-tale signs that a product is simply being used to disguise a pyramid scheme: inventory loading and a lack of retail sales."
Majority of Beachbody’s profits come from retail sales from workout programs, Shakeology, and many other supplements. (Retail sales numbers comply with the DSA--more info on DSA requirements listed below).

FTC:  "Inventory loading occurs when a company's incentive program forces recruits to buy more products than they could ever sell, often at inflated prices. If this occurs throughout the company's distribution system, the people at the top of the pyramid reap substantial profits, even though little or no product moves to market. The people at the bottom make excessive payments for inventory that simply accumulates in their basements."
Some people have made the argument that Shakeology is our product that we coaches are “forced” to purchase.  This isn’t the case.  Coaches are NOT required to purchase Shakeology.  Coaches may remain “active” coaches simply by selling retail products.  If a coach sells 1-2 products every 35 days, they are considered an “active” coach.  Whether a coach is “active” OR “inactive”, they are still eligible to receive retail commissions regardless.  Any products coaches purchase can be returned for a full refund if not used.

We have optional lead programs for qualifying coaches who use the products.  Leads are given to coaches who use and love the products.  For example, Shakeology commission based leads are given to coaches who use and love Shakeology so they are able to help the customers who order Shakeology by giving them recipes, tips on how to make it, and opinions on which flavors are best.  As coaches we share our experience with our customers about Shakeology.  Beachbody does not give commission based leads (freebies) to coaches who are not using the products, because without knowledge of the products, it would be difficult to share experience and help the customer.  Same goes for Beachbody on Demand (Live Streaming) and the Meal Planner (within our Club Membership).  Would you rather be assigned a coach who is familiar with how to work the live streaming and meal planner OR a coach who has never used either and is not familiar with them?  If a coach decides not to participate in this optional lead program, they are still just as capable of building a successful business as a coach who does participate in this optional lead program.  

FTC:  "A lack of retail sales is also a red flag that a pyramid exists. Many pyramid schemes will claim that their product is selling like hot cakes. However, on closer examination, the sales occur only between people inside the pyramid structure or to new recruits joining the structure, not to consumers out in the general public."
Aside from from the retail sales sold through infomercials, Beachbody encourages coaches to achieve “Success Club” monthly.  In order to reach Success Club, coaches must help 3-5 new people with their health and fitness who are OUTSIDE of our network.  This means, our income does not come solely from our coaches.  It also comes from new customers monthly who are using our retail products—these customers are NOT within “our structure”.

FTC:  "Ponzi scheme is closely related to a pyramid because it revolves around continuous recruiting, but in a Ponzi scheme the promoter generally has no product to sell and pays no commission to investors who recruit new "members." Instead, the promoter collects payments from a stream of people, promising them all the same high rate of return on a short-term investment. In the typical Ponzi scheme, there is no real investment opportunity, and the promoter just uses the money from new recruits to pay obligations owed to longer-standing members of the program. In English, there is an expression that nicely summarizes this scheme: It's called "stealing from Peter to pay Paul.""
This is basically saying that in a Ponzi Scheme, recruiters make commission off of sign ups with no products being exchanged.  Simply profiting off of people who "buy in".  Beachbody charges a $39.95 coach sign up fee, and coaches do not profit off of this sign up fee.  This $39.95 sign up fee goes directly to Beachbody to start a legitimate business.  Coaches do make commission off of those who sign up to be a coach IF they desire to purchase products during sign up.  Purchasing products during sign up is optional. However, the (recruiting) coaches forfeit any further retail commission from these new coach sign ups because these (new) coaches receive a discount on all future products ordered (which would have been the recruiting coach's retail commission).

FTC:  "Some people confuse pyramid and Ponzi schemes with legitimate multilevel marketing. Multilevel marketing programs are known as MLM's, and unlike pyramid or Ponzi schemes, MLM's have a real product to sell. More importantly, MLM's actually sell their product to members of the general public, without requiring these consumers to pay anything extra or to join the MLM system. MLM's may pay commissions to a long string of distributors, but these commission are paid for real retail sales, not for new recruits.  Unfortunately, the rise in legitimate multilevel marketing was accompanied by a surge in pyramid schemes. Those schemes played off the popularity of MLM or network sales but paid more attention to networking than to selling actual goods."
Beachbody's mission is to "Help End the Trend of Obesity and Help People Live Healthier, more Fulling Lives".  We thrive because of our brand name, well known products that change lives every day.  The general public who purchases our products are not expected or required to join our network (or "MLM system").

"Those who are not aware of the numerous stringent requirements to become a legally compliant Direct Sales Company, should avail themselves to reading and studying the requirements necessary to become an accepted member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA). Beachbody, as a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) (http://www.dsa.org/),  has recently become the recipient of the DSA's " Rising Star Award" (http://pledgetostayfit.com/team-beachbody-receives-the-rising-star-award-from-dsa). Companies in the DSA strive to operate the by the DSA code of ethics and spirit of excellence (http://www.dsa.org/code-of-ethics/code-of-ethics-(full-text.)”

Other Important Facts:
Beachbody holds an A+ rating with the 
Better Business Bureau

Beachbody was featured in Success from Home Magazine which features many LEGITIMATE MLM companies.

My team and I have experienced amazing Success as Beachbody Coaches.  Here's a breakdown of my personal income growth over the past few years:

To Read More about the FTC Guidelines: 

So, is YOUR company's structure shaped like a pyramid?

And, just for fun!