Thursday, September 29, 2016

Ultimate Reset Day 18 Review - What doesn't Kill you Makes you STRONGER, right?? ;)

I knew going into The Ultimate Reset, that it wasn't going to be easy.  I knew it was going to have many ups and downs.  But, I also knew I'd grow as a person.

I've been a little moody today.  I just feel BLAH.  Within my online support group, I've noticed this is a normal part of the detoxification process during week 3 - and, this too...shall pass. <3

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So, I'll keep this short tonight, but I have a lot to say tomorrow <3

Many of the meals this week are "repeat meals" so I'm not even going to edit the photos tonight...(( who am I?? lol ))

Today's breakfast:  Fruit Plate!  Pears and Cantaloupe :)

Today's Lunch:  I ate a regular salad with these convenient "to-go" oil / balsamic vinegar dressings.  I NEEDED a change from the Creamy Garlic dressing.  I do love this dressing, but I needed some variety :)  AND...I was supposed to have a baked sweet potato, but I made Sweet Potato "Chips" instead :)  (Same ingredients, just prepared it differently!

I need to blog this Sweet Potato Chip's yummy!

Tonight's dinner:  I made the Curried Cauliflower again because it made us happy the other night ;)

Happy face = Day 18 YAY!!!
Sad face = Hubby.  3 More Days. lol

hehehe trying to make light of this <3

How we're Feeling:  Hubby wants BACON, and I want a BROWNIE.  haha.  But, we are doing great.  So proud we've made it this far, and looking forward to finishing <3

Stay tuned for my Day 19 Review - 3 more days to GO!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Ultimate Reset Day 17 Review - How the Ultimate Reset is like...--- Pregnancy???

OMG you guys...I'm hanging in there...but, I'm OVER IT.  It's Day 17.  I can't help but think of a convo I had with a friend 2 yrs ago regarding The Ultimate Reset:

She told me, "The Ultimate Reset is kind of like pregnancy.  The 1st Phase/Week is like the 1st Trimester:  You feel exhausted, challenged, and, really... like crap.  The 2nd Phase/Week is like the 2nd Trimester:  You feel AMAZING.  Full of energy.  Excited.  Seeing change.  On top of the world.  The 3rd Phase/Week is like the 3rd Trimester:  You wonder how much longer you can do this.  It's a true test.  You're OVER it.  OH-VER-ITTTT.  Then, a year later, you remember the outcome, how happy it made you, and you're ready to do it again." LOL....IT'S SO TRUE!!!!

Will I do The Ultimate Reset again?  I don't really want to talk about that right now (lol)...but, I know my answer in 6 months will be YES!  Absolutely.  But, for now...we're riding the struggle bus. lol

Today's breakfast:  Fruit Plate!  (3 cups of fruit) - Pears, Cantaloupe, and watermelon.

Today's lunch:  Moroccan Carrot Salad over 3 cups of Salad Greens. I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor and yumminess of the carrot salad - clean, sweet, a little salty, with a spice to it!  Then, I tried to eat all of it and just felt bleh.  Too many raw veggies for me.  The plus side - I couldn't finish and I was full - I tried something new that I DID like...but, I didn't want to eat several cup fulls of it lol.  I would make it again ...but, only as a small side on a salad.  

Tonight's dinner:  Delicata Squash and Broccoli.  

How I Feel:  Like I said above, over it.  Not frustrated.  Just over it.  I have a new appreciation for those who eat a RAW diet after today's lunch - that takes some intense WILLPOWER.  I'm not tempted to quit...I'm just looking forward to the finish line THAT much more.  I want some crock pot CHICKEN stat!!! haha 

Stay tuned for my Day 18 Review...

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Note:  If you are brand new, you will tag along in your sponsor coach's challenge groups until you learn how to run your own groups.  When you begin to run your own groups, all documents, meal plans, and challenge group assignments will be given to you from your sponsor coach so you have something to work with :)


Here is our Daily Checklist that can be completed within less than an hour daily.
  • *Show people our products work by committing to the products (and clean eating) and sharing our journey on social media
  • *Personal Development will teach you:  How to become a more positive person.  -How to be an amazing communicator so you understand how your potential customers and coaches think so you can better relate to and help them!  -To shift your mindset from “Employee" (which most of you are right now if you work for someone else and you’ve never owned your own business) to “Business Owner” mindset — we were not born KNOWING how to be a business owner, but personal development will help!  -How to SELF-motivate yourself.  -How to organize yourself and learn how to work SMARTER instead of HARDER so you can balance business with family life.  -How to be a great LEADER to your team.  -How to deal with negative situations and find the silver lining.  -How to inspire others.
  • *Show gratitude for what we have so we can attract more of what we want
  • *Share our health / fitness / coaching journey on social media to inspire others who are in the same place YOU are!
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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Ultimate Reset Day 16 Review - What if I Don't Like the Foods?

This post is going to be a quick update since I worked a half day and then went shopping all day (my clothes in my closet are all getting so loose!), I just finished homework with the kids, got them dressed for their first ice skating lesson, and I need to prep dinner before we leave - eek! ;)

Little Floridians on Ice <3
Anyways...I've had a few people concerned and asking me, "What if I don't like the food on The Ultimate Reset?"

Here are my thoughts:  This is a LEARNING experience.  Just like I encourage my kids to at least TRY new foods, I encourage you to do the same!  Hubby and I have both been pretty surprised about certain foods we expected to hate but ended up really enjoying, and we will continue to make some of these meals post-Reset!  This program will teach you that healthy eating doesn't have to mean eating plain chicken with broccoli every single day of your life!  

Did we love every meal?  If you've read my previous updates, you probably already know we didn't love every meal - BUT, I trusted the process, made the best of every day, and we're thrilled with our results so far.  So, basically the benefits far outweigh the fact that I had to tell myself to "suck it up, buttercup" a few times! ;)  ALSO - there is a menu in the back of the nutrition plan called "Reset in a Crunch".  If I thought certain meals may be "questionable" (especially for hubby who isn't too keen on eating so many veggies), I logged into my online accountability group, searched the group for the specific recipe, and read what others thought of it.  If they were pleasantly surprised and really liked the meal, I decided to give it a shot!  If they all were saying they didn't like it, I chose a meal from the "Reset in a Crunch" menu instead.

Worked great for us! :)

Trust me, if you embrace this program, you will learn a ton of valuable information that you will use for the rest of your life.  

Today's breakfast:  Fruit Plate!  Apples, Pears, and Strawberries.  I wasn't hungry when I woke up this morning, so I couldn't even finish my food!

Today's lunch:  was supposed to be Asian Cabbage salad, but neither of us were very hungry (and honestly, I needed a break from prepping and didn't feel like eating the same lunch we ate yesterday), so we had a serving of Miso Soup and a Vegan Shakeology mixed with 1/4 avocado.  

We were famished around 3pm, so we snacked on carrots and 1/2 of an avocado (snack list suggestion for Phase 3).

Tonight's dinner:  Curried Cauliflower and Broccoli.  Speaking of "What if I don't like the Foods?"...this one was "iffy" for us.  Neither of us like Cauliflower.  But, the ladies in my online support group said they loved it, so we decided to try it out!'s GOOD!!!  Hubby hates cauliflower, but this was the best cauliflower we've ever had.  It didn't have that bitter, weird cauliflower taste - the curry completely took that away.  Hubby said he liked it better than the buffalo cauliflower we tried at a restaurant we love (the only kind he's ever made an effort to eat and kind of liked lol).  We skipped the broccoli because I got home from our ice skating lessons a little late, and neither of us cared to eat broccoli with cauliflower.

How I Feel:  Great, but ready to be D-O-N-E and back on my normal, healthy, BALANCED routine!! ;)

Stay tuned for my Day 17 Review...

Monday, September 26, 2016

Ultimate Reset Day 15 Review - Will I lose muscle mass?

My official 2 week results are in:  I am down 10.5lbs and 1 pant size (almost 2 pant sizes!)!  I can see my face is thinner, my arms and legs have definitely lost inches, and my midsection and hip areas have lost a ton of inches!  I feel GREAT <3

My results seem extreme which left me I losing muscle mass?  So, I did about an hour of research this morning!  

Obviously, not working out for 21're going to lose a little muscle.  And, with Phase 3 (week 3) being low in starchy carbs and low in protein, a little muscle loss is expected.  However, I also learned that any lost muscle has "memory" and returns quickly.  And, throughout all of The Ultimate Reset test groups, the participants lost very little muscle (if any), and they reported that they were able to replace the little muscle they DID lose quickly PLUS more.  Those who resumed a healthy, balanced diet kept the weight off and were also able to lose more weight and build muscle more easily because their body / metabolisms were functioning much better than they were pre-Reset.

So, am I ONLY losing fat?  No.  The 10.5lbs I've lost consist of mostly fat...but, also water retention, built up waste within the body, and slight muscle loss (mainly from not working out for 21 days!).

Is losing 10.5lbs within only 2 weeks safe?  I'm currently eating healthier than I ever have in my LIFE:  Nothing artificial, no sugar, no caffeine, no alcohol, nothing processed - I'm making everything from scratch with whole food ingredients.  So,'s completely safe.

I will cover my game plan for NOT gaining the weight back within a future blog post ;)

Today's breakfast:  Fruit plate!  Apples, watermelon, and white peaches.

Today's lunch:  Asian Cabbage Salad and Miso Soup.  I actually REALLY liked this salad.  I took the advise of some of the girls in my online accountability group, and I used teaspoons of the Bragg's amino acids instead of TBS (they said it was salty), and I didn't put as much lime as the recipe required.  This salad was BIG (Thank God because I was STARVING lol) and it was so yummy paired with the miso soup.  Hubby was happy with the salad too, and I will continue to make it post-Reset.

Tonight's dinner:  We were supposed to have Garlic Veggies with a Sweet potato, but I switched the recipe around a bit.  I used a tiny bit of organic olive oil spray and vegetable broth mixed with garlic to saute' the veggies so I could use the oil to drizzle over top of baked sweet potato chips (sweet potatoes cut into thin pieces, drizzled with olive oil, and seasoned with himalayan salt). I needed chips in my life - something CRUNCHY other than a SALAD.  SO GOOD. :)

How I'm feeling:  Pretty good!  Lots of energy, still sleeping great, skin is looking nice, and I'm just feeling overall happier and more confident :)  I did attempt yoga today, but after 10min I got SO light headed and dizzy - apparently it's normal during detox within week 3 for your blood pressure to lower (so be mindful of up / down motions), and I may need to stick to walking instead of yoga which is fine with me!  :)

Stay tuned for my Day 16 Review...

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Ultimate Reset Day 14 Review - How is Hubby doing? ;)

So, how is my meat-loving hubby doing now that it's Day 14?

Well, truthfully, he woke up a tad bit grouchy, but he's a good sport and he's hanging in there!  When I met him, he only really ate mushrooms and green beans out of a can...and, collard greens that his mama makes!  He was SO picky!  The Ultimate Reset (2 years ago) is what actually got him to try new things and actually start enjoying veggies he never thought he'd like.  

BUT...we only made it to about Day 13 last time around.  We traveled home for Mother's Day weekend, we forgot to pack several ingredients, and we caved.  It was all over - which bothered me because I don't like to NOT finish something.  

This time...we are determined to finish.  We are seeing results, we are motivated, and we made sure we weren't planning any trips during these 21 days, AND this time I'm blogging about it to hold us accountable! ;)

We've both been clean eating and exercising regularly before the Reset, but he noticed the weight just wasn't coming off.  About 3 months ago, he developed a cyst on his thyroid gland.  He was diagnosed with Hashimoto's which caused Hypothyroidism which caused weight gain (and makes weight loss more difficult).

In spite of his Hypothyroidism, he's been able to lose 12lbs on this program so far (within just 13 days), and he is down from a size 36 waist to a size 32 waist.  I'm so proud of him, and I know his results are his motivation to finish!

So, as grouchy as hubby was this morning, he's made the best out of it, and he admits that his results so far...are totally worth all of it!  

Doesn't he look amazing?? :)

Today's breakfast:  Fruit plate!  Watermelon, strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries.

Today's lunch:  was GOING to be the Acorn Squash Garlic Tahini soup, but we didn't have the right coconut milk, so I made the garlic veggies and sweet potato option (on the Reset in a Crunch) quick meal menu instead :)

Tonight's dinner:  Edamame and Roasted Corn Succotash.  This one was pretty good!  I would have preferred no lime, but that's just my preference :)  Hubby doesn't like onion or red peppers, but he ate it anyway and was ok :)

And, once again, cleaning out the fridge and meal planning for Phase 3 (our FINAL week!) HOLY VEGGIES!!!!  - I'm not going to lie...this one looks TOUGH!  Pray for us! lol

Meal plan for PHASE 3 - yippeeeee!

How WE are feeling:  Excited about our results, and looking forward to the FINISH LINE!!!  We can see it!!! <3  Oh, and we didn't workout this weekend because we were SO busy with the kids!  One of the things I love about The Ultimate Reset - workouts are OPTIONAL!  And, only light workouts (if any) are recommended <3

Stay tuned for my Day 15 Review...

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Ultimate Reset Day 13 Review - How do you have the Willpower to Stay Motivated?

Someone said to me the other day, "How do you have the WILLPOWER to stay motivated - I don't think I could EVER do the cleanse that you're doing!"

I have to's NOT easy.  It's totally mental.  Mind over matter.  But, I like a challenge, I like structure, and I LOVE results.  And, I had gotten to a point where I wasn't getting the results I wanted, and I was working SO hard.  This program is like hitting your body's "Reset" button, making it brand new again.  My metabolism and my hormones desperately needed it.  I've seen more changes within the past 13 days than I have for the last 2 years.  

So, how do I stay motivated?  Seeing and feeling RESULTS!  I mean, 8.1lbs down within 12 days is a BIG deal for me, and I'm just 1.8lbs down from a weight I haven't seen in over 2 years.  THAT is why I'm motivated.  And, THAT is how I have willpower to finish this thing!  I mean...wouldn't YOU?

I bought these jeans about 2 months ago.  They are not stretchy, and they wouldn't fit further than my thighs.  Instead of shipping them back, I kept them as "goal pants".  This morning, I found them as I was putting clothes away, and I really didn't think they would fit yet, but I pulled them up and they fit PERFECTLY!  I can't even believe it.  I'm so excited!  I will definitely be rewarding myself with some new clothes after day 21! :)

Today's breakfast:  Fruit plate!  Apples and Watermelon.

Today's lunch was simple:  Instead of the microgreen salad and beets, I had Vegan Shakeology blended with 1/2 of an avocado.  It was SO GOOD!  We chose to sub the meal because #1- we just couldn't do the salad and beets again and #2- we brought the kids ice skating today and needed something healthy, quick, and simple!

When we got home, we felt LOW on energy, so we ate one of the snack options:  Corn on the cob.  Kind of strange snack option, but if that's what the plan says...that's what we eat ;)

Tonight's dinner:  Acorn squash with garlic tahini sauce and broccoli.  It was "different".  WAY better than last night.  This one was edible.  It tasted like creamy squash with some kind of baked topping.  I'm not sure I'd make it again, but my belly is full, and I'm glad I tried it! :)

How I feel:  Feeling great!  Like I said, I'm fitting into clothes I wasn't able to fit into just 2 months ago, and I'm SO close to a weight I haven't seen in 2 years.  Hubby has lost 12lbs, and his pants are so loose he's needing a belt (remember, he has Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism, so weight loss doesn't come easy for him either) :)  We may not be THRILLED with some of the food, but it's 100% worth it!  8 more days to goooooo :)

Stay tuned for my Day 14 Review...

Friday, September 23, 2016

Ultimate Reset Day 12 Review: Learn how to Cook

I confess:  Before we did the Reset 2 years ago, the only things I knew how to cook were scrambled eggs - and, anything that goes in a microwave!  Sadly, I'm not kidding.

The first time we did the Reset, the items on my grocery list looked foreign and were hard to find.  I had to ask the people at our local fruit and veggie stands and Whole Foods to help me find some of the foods on my list.   I also felt a little lost in the kitchen.  The recipes took me longer to make, and it was a little frustrating.

But, one thing I've learned in life, is that you have to be willing to be a little uncomfortable to change and GROW as a person.
I learned a LOT within those 21 days about different foods, how to prepare them, and I even cleaned out all of my kitchen cabinets and bought all new plates, bowls, and measuring cups, #1- because I had all of this newfound energy and hit some type of "nesting phase" within week 2, and #2- because I gained confidence in the kitchen and learned how to love new foods and love cooking!  Hubby was quite happy about that ;)

If you're interested in doing this program, and you're worried about your lack of cooking skills, don't worry.  Like the quote above says, "Everything is figureoutable", and anyone can ask for guidance at the grocery store and anyone can follow a recipe.  Don't overthink it!  Plus, I'd be happy to walk you through the process as well - just send me a message on my Facebook page. :)

Today's breakfast:  Fruit plate!  Apples, pears, raspberries, and honeydew melon.  SO FILLING, but I ate it ALL because I don't want to feel hungry, tired, and fatigued like I did yesterday from not eating enough!

Then, went for a mile and 1/2 walk with hubby and also did yoga!  Week 2 of the 3 Week Yoga Retreat is definitely getting more intense...but, a "good" intense!  Try the 3 Week Yoga Retreat for free HERE.

Today's lunch:  Leftovers!  Hearty vegetable miso soup and Microgreen salad.  You know...the very first time I had the microgreen salad, it was the BEST salad EVER.  Since we've been eating it almost every day for the last {almost} two weeks, I had a VERY hard time getting it down!  The soup was better today than it was last night {isn't soup ALWAYS better the day after?} - I added himalayan salt, pepper, and garlic powder to spice it up, and it was good - still not my favorite, but good.  Nick and I both found humor in the fact that we literally cannot eat that salad again this week, and we are daydreaming of our first meal AFTER this Reset!! ha!  9 more days....we can DO THIS!

Tonight's dinner:  Mediterranean roasted beets and Coconut collard greens.  It's funny...and ironic.  This entire blog post is talking about "learning how to cook" and "anyone can follow a recipe", but I royally screwed up dinner tonight LOL.  Oops!  I mixed the beats with olive oil, seasoning, AND lemon and parsley BEFORE roasting.  Lemon and parsley was supposed to happen AFTER roasting.  Whoops.  


And, the collard greens.  I hear people LOVE this coconut collard green recipe.  Hubby grew up eating collard greens, and not only did I not like them...but, he didn't either!  So, tonight's dinner was a BOMB.  We didn't try this recipe the first time we did the Ultimate Reset, and next time we do the UR...we will substitute one of the "Reset in a Crunch" recipes (the simpler recipes that don't involve crazy ingredients) lol.  The point is...we TRIED it.  And, we didn't love it, and that's ok!  On to the next recipe!

How WE Feel:  HUNGRY, but ok.  Planning to sub any meals we KNOW we won't like with the "Reset in a Crunch" meals.  They sound good...and safe. :p

Stay tuned for my Day 13 Review...

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Ultimate Reset Day 11 Review - Will the Ultimate Reset Reduce my ANXIETY?

I've been an anxiety sufferer for more years than I can even remember, but my anxiety hit it's peak about 2 years ago.  

I had set a HUGE business goal to retire my husband from the corporate retail management job that he hated.  I anticipated this goal for two years as I worked HARD in my online coaching business.  The day came where he put in his 2 week notice, and we were over the moon excited!  

I DID IT!!!!!!

I worked hard enough for TWO years, and now we were going to have him home with us every day - every morning when the kids woke up, working as a team with the kids and housework, no more evenings / late nights without him home, no more feeling like a single mom...doing it all!  We MISSED him as he was working 60+ hours per week.  During his last 2 weeks at work, I kept envisioning how amazing life was going to be.  I was going to have my best friend and love of my life home with me every day...omg!

Then, the day came where he didn't have to go into work.  My overthinking brain started to panic:  Him leaving his job meant a $90k per year pay cut - could I really support our family by myself?  I mean...he was going to help me in my online coaching business, but was he going to LIKE coaching as much as I do?  Where would his spot be in this business I called "mine" for 2 years?  

It felt like the weight of the WORLD was sitting like an elephant on my chest.  I remember being in the car, driving to Best Buy to buy him a new laptop to work from home on, and I felt dizzy and felt like I was having a full blown heart attack.  I made him pull over so I could walk around a parking lot and breathe.  He called my Dr's office, and they told me to come into the office.  

When I arrived at the Dr's office, my blood pressure was high, and RESTING heart rate was 145.  The Dr. did an ECG, and my heart was fine.  She diagnosed me with "Panic disorder" and prescribed me a low dose of Zanax.  She also sent me for bloodwork.  The bloodwork showed I had abnormally high levels of the cortisol (stress) hormone which was the cause of my anxiety and panic attacks.

Since then, I've struggled with anxiety and weight gain.  Both of which can be a result of high cortisol.  

I do try my best to control my cortisol levels without the need for medication by limiting caffeine, alcohol, sugar, and processed foods, but I'm also human and like to live a life of balance.

I realized this morning (Day 11) that I have not felt any bit of anxiety within the last 8 days.  Many changes are happening within during the detoxification process, and I just FEEL my cortisol levels are where they are supposed to be - which means I'm finally losing weight AND my anxiety is gone!  

I asked hubby:  "So, this is what it is like to live an "anxiety free" life?"
His response:  "Welcome to feeling like ME every day of my life" #suchasmartass lol 

PS - I no longer have anxiety about Nick being home.  It's everything I anticipated, plus more! <3  Sure, we have our ups and downs, but overall, we work well juggling everything as a team, and he's helped me grow "our" business even more.  We are passionate about helping people better themselves and build their dreams <3

Today's breakfast:  Fruit plate - I blended it this morning with a few ice cubes and a little mineralized water...and drank it in a wine glass because...well, drinking breakfast on the porch with a wine glass just seemed appropriate. ;)

Today's Lunch:  Quinoa and stir fried garlic veggies - so simple, yet this meal is something I will continue to eat after the Reset!  Yummy and satisfying!  I still don't miss meat! :)

Tonight's dinner:  Hearty vegetable miso soup.  I had high hopes for the soup since I loved the other 2 soups, but this one was just EH!  Not terrible, but also not the best thing I've ever had!  And, I couldn't eat the quinoa by itself, so I just ate the soup :)

How I'm feeling:  I was actually a little tired today!  I slept great last night and woke up with a TON of morning energy. Blending my fruit this morning wasn't the best idea - I think I underestimated the amount of fruit I was supposed to eat.  Then, I did yoga (which I'm obsessed with if you didn't gather that from my previous posts haha).  I think I underestimated the amount of food I needed for lunch too and was too lazy to make more lol!  I felt the lack of (food) energy, and I took a nap.  I NEVER take naps.  But, it was an amazing nap :)  Looking forward to another great day tomorrow <3

Stay tuned for my Day 12 Review...

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Ultimate Reset Day 10 Review - Reset while Traveling

It's Day 10!!!  Can I just tell you how THRILLED I am so far??  As I've mentioned in previous posts, I've been feeling like weight loss has been a struggle lately.  What USED to work to give me results was no longer working.  

I've tried paleo (which left me grumpy and missing carbs), cutting out ALL alcohol for 45 days straight (which did help a bit, but I still wasn't getting the results I wanted - I'll save that for another blog post lol), working out harder and eating less (which seemed to be the obvious answer but it wasn't), having my hormones tested (they were "off", but not my thyroid as I was suspecting!!), etc etc etc.

Was it possible that my body just needed me to hit the "Reset" button??  Or, does my body just love eating vegan?  I guess time will tell!  But, I'm super happy about the 7lbs and several inches I've lost within just 9 days following The Ultimate Reset plan and doing 3 Week Yoga Retreat!  

Before photo taken a few months ago but at the same weight as starting cleanse weight.

We both felt so great today, we decided to pack everything up and head to the beach, a local fruit and veggie stand, and the park for lunch.  I also wanted to see how difficult it would be to be on the Reset while traveling!

Today's breakfast:  Fruit plate!  We found an organic pre-cut fruit bowl to pack with us which took the work out of breakfast! :)

We also packed our cooler with all of our Reset lunch goodies!  

These mason jar salads were so simple and convenient - proteins on the bottom (pumpkin seeds for us!), layer the veggies, top with lettuce.  We used our portion containers to pack our Creamy garlic dressing.

I quadrupled last night's Sweet potato roasted red pepper bisque since I knew we'd be eating it for lunch today.  The recipe said to serve hot OR cold, so it was pretty easy to pack in the cooler!

Plastic silverware in the cooler, and we were ready to go!

Backpack cooler - pretty much the coolest thing ever and we use it ALL of the time!

This plan encourages you to get outside in nature, so we're taking their advice <3  

LAST time we did the Reset, hubby was soooo grumpy on Day 10 - like, completely and utterly OVER IT. haha.  Today, he's doing great and even said he wants to start eating this way (vegan) a few days/nights per week once this 21 day cleanse is over.  Did I really just hear him say that??  You know I'M all in! ;)

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Walking the beach was our workout today :)  Although, I may sneak in some Yoga tonight because I'm kind of obsessed, and I'm full of energy! <3

Since our kids can't live off of rotisserie chicken and peanut butter sandwiches, I grabbed some pre-prepared proteins at Whole Foods when we shopped for our food.  I picked up 3 turkey meatballs for $2 and two turkey burger patties for $2.  I boiled some noodles this afternoon, put some in two plastic bowls, cut up the meatballs, and poured a jar of organic tomato sauce on top.  Those babies are sitting in the fridge waiting to be warmed up for the kids dinner tonight.  

Tonight's dinner for us:  Well, it's supposed to be the Quinoa Lentil Pilaf meal, but that's the meal that almost made hubby quit last, I'm preparing quinoa and stir fried veggies with the amount of oil the Quinoa Lentil Pilaf meal calls for.  That's a safer bet for tonight.

How I feel:  This Reset kind of makes me feel like I'm Superwoman.  I mean, I felt like I had SO many responsibilities before we started this in the world would I find extra time to prep and prepare these foods and also worry about what the kids were going to eat?  The truth is...I have so much more energy now... that I'm fitting way more things into my life without feeling anxiety about them.  It's hard to explain.  It's crazy what eating the right foods and eliminating toxins can do! ;)

Stay tuned for my Day 11 Review...

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Ultimate Reset Day 9 Review - Emotional Eating

I had an epiphany this morning.  It's day 9 of our Ultimate Reset journey, and I am no longer craving food out of comfort or boredom.

I never used to be an emotional eater, but over the last couple of years...responsibilities of life started to add up, the kids tweak my nerves sometimes, and food is just so comforting!  Whenever I felt stressed or anxious, I found myself craving more sweets.  The more stressed I was...the more likely I'd give into my cravings.

Now that it's day 9, I feel a sense of calm and peace - maybe from no caffeine? ha!  I feel like I'm dealing with the daily ups and downs of life much easier, and I'm no longer turning to emotional eating - FOOD for comfort.  I'm learning how to think of food as FUEL instead, and I'm facing little life issues and feeling totally resilient.  I like this internal change!

Today's breakfast:  Fruit plate - Cantaloupe and Kiwi!

Hubby, on the other hand, is missing MEAT!!  He's also having vivid dreams about missing meat! LOL  He's not thrilled about this week, but he's actually in good spirits!  //

I'm getting to the point where I really look forward to yoga these days.  Today's Yoga was called "Relax", and it was 25min of light yoga moves with stretching and meditation.  

Try 3 Week Yoga Retreat HERE for free.  And, don't mind my's a hot mess :p

Today's lunch:  1/2 serving of Pinto beans and rice and Microgreen salad.  (PS - I accidentally typed "pinot" instead of "pinto" and felt a little sad lol)

Tonight's dinner:  Roasted red pepper sweet potato bisque with asparagus with toasted almonds.

Definitely one of our favorites!  We had to find the miso paste at our local health food store, and I had a little trouble peeling the skin off of the bell pepper (as the recipe directed) so I threw the dang thing in my Nutribullet (lol), but it still came out amazing!!  Hubby gave the stamp of approval on the asparagus AND the bisque!  Ours came out a little thick - next time I will use less sweet potato, and if it's still thick...add a little vegetable broth or water to thin it out!

Ta - dahhhh!

How I feel:  Honestly, I haven't felt better!  I feel an overwhelming sense of happiness, and although I'm a pretty happy person, I have my moments where I feel like I'm in a FUNK.  Don't we all?  This program is so much more than just weight loss <3

Stay tuned for my Day 10 Review...