Monday, January 26, 2015

The Westbrook Story

Ahhhhhh ABOUT US.  Where do I even START?! :)

My name is Lindsey...I'm a full time stay at home health and fitness coach.  It still feels weird saying that!  If you would have asked me 5 years ago if I would be one of the TOP people in a health and fitness business, I would have told you you're CRAZY.  But, it's true.  It's my reality, and I love every minute of it.

{{Let me start from the beginning—this one’s long— stay with me}}

2 years and 2 months ago was probably one of the toughest times in our lives. Ayla just turned 3yrs old, Maddox was 9mo old, we were living paycheck to paycheck because the kids were getting so sick from daycare that I was constantly calling out of work (which meant I wasn’t making money), we were over our heads in medical debt, and Nick was working so many hours that we never got to see him.

Financial stress, sleep deprivation, and emotional stress were at an all time HIGH. I hated how I felt about myself, and I was wondering if this was how life was always going to be. I had watched my friend document her journey of starting her own business as a Beachbody Coach 2 years prior. She had asked me to join her, but I was leery that it was a “pyramid scheme” which was the last thing I wanted to get involved with. I watched her gain huge success with the company and little by little I was asking her questions. I was intrigued, but I wasn’t sure I had the time to commit to a new business venture, AND I definitely was NOT at my goal body after having a baby--but, I knew I desperately wanted to get back to ME.

One night Nick got home from work…he had a rough day, and he just broke down. The kids were still sleeping when he left for work that morning, and they were already in bed when he got home. He felt guilty that he never got to see them, and he asked me, “Am I really going to have to do this my entire life? I never see my family….” He was a mess, and so was I. Words can’t even describe the way I felt in that moment. I just knew that life WOULD probably always be that way…unless I made the effort to change…

Sometimes change is scary and change is hard. But, you can either continue life unhappy with your current situation or DO SOMETHING to change it. I set my fears and doubts aside and signed up. TOTAL leap of faith!

My BIG DREAM—the crazy cool dream that seemed WAY out of my reach—was to retire my husband from his job so he can always be around us. So, I jumped into my business with two feet. I started by changing my OWN health/fitness and making steps each day to live a healthier life. I sacrificed sleep and my favorite TV shows to learn the business and put in focused work hours. I had to stop caring about other people’s opinions of me. I had to pour my heart and soul into helping others, because in this business…the most successful coaches are the coaches who change the most lives.

Our original goal was to retire Nick by the time he’s 35yrs old. But, we’ve been talking a lot lately about our future. We miss our friends and family back home, the holidays are coming up, and if you’re in retail management, you understand how BRUTAL the hours are around the holidays!! We want to spend the holidays TOGETHER this year…and life is too short to go one more holiday season without him being PRESENT with us.

Sure, it’s a huge risk giving up his benefits and 80k/year salary…but, you know what? Nothing replaces QUALITY OF LIFE and FREEDOM.
Anyone who knows Nick and myself knows we have never been “conventional”. We moved in together after 6mo of dating, we secretly got married on a whim then decided to have our big wedding 1 year later…then got pregnant 2 months before the wedding ceremony/one year anniversary ;p We are spontaneous and believe in following our hearts. God has been good to us, and we know this is the right decision. heart emoticon

Soooooo….Nick is officially RETIRED from the corporate world (at age 31), and we are BOTH full time work from home Beachbody Coaches!!! 

A little about ME?
I'd say I'm an introvert!  I love being home, I'm reserved but have a fun and silly personality.  I'm not afraid to work hard, and I thrive off of seeing other meet their true potential in life!  I'm honest, caring, and loving.  Stereotypical Capricorn. :)  I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a MOMMY--my little ones are ages 3 and 5yrs.  I love to date my husband.  I was NOT a workout fan before joining as a coach and losing my baby weight.  I had to work into health and fitness slowly through a Health/Fitness Challenge group.  I needed the support of other girls going through what I was going through.  I learned a lot and it made the entire process FUN.  Now, it's a lifestyle.  I live the lifestyle, and I take others along on the ride with me! ;)

A little about my husband, Nick?
Well, he's my extrovert.  He loves FUN, everything outdoors, being around people...without him, I'd be a hermit. haha He's crazy, thrives off of making others laugh, and he has a heart of gold.  Stereotypical LEO. :)  He's a great Daddy and husband, and such a team player in our household.  He's a great cook too!!  Together we are better. <3

We can't wait to share our lives with you!!  

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