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Their Journey Began on 1/5/15

After resigning from my leadership position with JCP I decided I wanted to help people. Not only help people reach goals they didn't think we possible but help people grow for a lifetime. When choosing my accountability couple I decided to choose a couple that needed this more than anyone else. I knew Mike and Katelyn could handle my candidness along with having the strength and dedication to better themselves. Both Mike and Katelyn had deeper issues with weight and nutrition than I expected but they opened up and told their story. 

Here is Katelyns bio: 

My name is Katelynn and I am a wife and a mother. I am unhealthy, overweight and unhappy with myself. I want this not only for my health and myself but for my family and my son. I want this life changing experience of not only losing weight but having a healthier lifestyle. 

As far as I can remember I was always the chunky girl in school and the chunky kid in the family. I’ve always had an issue with my weight, and have always battled with my weight fluctuating up and down. I've always been a sports fanatic and have always played recreational sports. I played softball and always struggled doing the drills and running the bases. In high school I played on the softball team, started to get into shape and became the head catcher of the varsity team. I remember working out and running all the time to try to stay in shape. My junior there was a new freshman catcher that came in and she was in better shape and also faster than me. She made the varsity team and unfortunately took my spot as head catcher. The main reason she took my spot is because I was not in the best shape. I got moved to the outfield which I was perfectly fine with because as long as I was playing softball I didn't care. Just a few games into my senior year I tore my rotator cuff and had to quit the softball team. At that point in my life It was the worst possible thing that could have happened to me. With all the extra free time and not being able to do the things I wanted to, not being able to work out the way I wanted to, I started to gain weight. 

After graduating high school I decided to start college at my local community college and made the decision to move out of my parents house and moving into an apartment with my best friend. I eventually went into a downward spiral and started partying all the time and went through a big stage of depression, unfortunately started using drugs and developed an eating disorder. Within about six months I went from 180lbs to 130lbs. Although I was finally for once happy with the way my body looked. I was very unhealthy and eventually started losing everyone around me very quickly because of the lifestyle I was living. Then, I found out I was 4 weeks pregnant with my son. I then decided it was time to clean up my act. I knew then that I had to do this for my unborn child. Unfortunately because I was unhealthy I almost lost my child. I was put on bed rest for the remander of my pregnancy then fell back into a depression and all I did was eat. By the time I gave birth to my son I went from 140lbs to 212lbs. My son is now 2 years old and I have been fighting to lose the weight I gained while being pregnant. 

I know that doing this program (21Day Fix and P90X3) and having the support of my husband and a personal coach I will be able to lose the weight and change my unhealthy lifestyle for the good. I need this so I can be healthy and happy with whom I am. I can’t wait to start my journey on 1/5/15 and will be committed for 90 days!

Here is Mikes Bio:

Why do you want this? They ask.. Well I'm going to tell you why… My name is Mike Edwards and a lot like the rest of you I want a change in my life and not just a simple change but a drastic lifestyle change for not only me but for my family as well.. 

It all started a long time ago when I was about 10 years old and I started to notice that not only was I the most out of shape out of my friends, but I was also the biggest. And of course just like most people I started to become uncomfortable with the way I looked and of course the way people looked at me. 

As I started to get older and taller the weight didn't look so bad anymore. But their was one thing that still worried me and it was the fact that I loved sports so much that it hurt. Sports were my biggest thing and of course they still are today. As I turned 12 I started to develop a strong passion for the game of Baseball. Now with this passion I knew if I wanted to succeed I had to choose to get in better shape than I was. 

And so it began... Turning 13 my dad got me into the gym and started showing me little things that I needed to do to make myself better at every point of the game. But, of course it didn't matter how hard I worked, I was still big and I just couldn't get to where I wanted to be so I once again just became comfortable with the life I was living. That was until like any other kid going to middle school learned that there were always going to be people who would bring you down to a whole new low point in your life. And as it did for many others out there it also did for me. 

I got all the name calling on a regular basis: "Fat boy, Fatty, Rollie Pollie, Fat Albert” and the one that hurt the most was when I would hear "this fat kids got more rolls than a bakery”-- yea you could say that this one hit home pretty hard. 

At 15 I started going through such a hardship that I started skipping school just so I wouldn't have to get made fun of.  I missed so much school that I actually ended up having to take summer classes just to pass and go on to high school. I was at such a low point in my life that I had no one to talk to about this because I thought no one could understand what it feels like to be the out of shape person in the group. I even started lying to my friends just so I wouldn't have to leave the house and been seen out in public. I hated what I had become but yet more bumps in the road awaited me. 

One of the lowest points in my life was freshmen year of high school. At 16, I was able to drive and go to all the fast food places I wanted to and even though I knew that it wouldn't help my baseball game I still did it anyway.. of course the names continued in high school as well.. but it wasn't then when I realized that I had gone way beyond my low point in my life-- that was when I got cut from the high school baseball team for being too out of shape... at that point I stopped playing baseball and lost the passion for the game and became your average teenager always angry and getting into fights and just eating when I wanted and how I wanted. 

Things started to look up for me when a coach approached me and said, “Son, you need to be playing baseball and not wasting your life with all this fast food crap and being upset all the time”, and he was right.. I was never happy anymore once baseball was gone from my life. I basically didn't have anything anymore.  That’s when my father made me kick my butt in gear which is exactly what I needed, and I got in better shape but still not where I wanted to be but it was good enough to make the baseball team as a sophomore which then made me realize that this is something I wanted in my life no matter what and went on to play college baseball.  

Well as I'm sure you can all imagine...  college means that you don't get to live with mommy and daddy anymore, so you have to be smart and make your own food and keep yourself on track with your eating habits.  Well, freshman year came and I had put on 30lbs and started playing like crap on the baseball field... so at that point I was battling a up hill battle at every turn I just couldn't win no matter what I did... even though my skills were getting better every year I just couldn't make the weight go away it didn't matter what diet I did or what workouts I was doing I was just always going to be big... throughout college I didn't get to play as much as I wanted. I played often enough, but every year there was always someone faster or in better shape than me, and I could never seem to seal the position so I wasn't the one playing every day. 

A couple good friends in college knew how much I loved the game and how much I wanted to play so they pushed and pushed and pushed for me to get better and get in better shape, but it always felt like it was a waste of time because the next year it was the same story all over again.  So once college was done I made the attempt to try out for pro teams all over and wouldn't you know it I got turned down for being too big and not fast enough... so after all that was over I started going down hill again back into my dark hole because all I wanted to do was play baseball and I just couldn't take the rejection-- it wasn't easy for me at all. I dealt with it by eating all the time and drinking beer to the max which is never good for anyone, but I did it anyway because I didn't have a care in the world until January 7th 2012 came along and I got married to my loving wife.  It's hard when you don't love yourself because you can't stand the way you look in the mirror or the way you look at the beach because you don't even take your shirt off to go swimming because you're so uncomfortable with your body it makes you sick. Even though I was in the worst shape of my life she loved me anyway.  

On May 31, 2013 my son was born and just like any parent I was overjoyed and set out to make sure I was always going to be there for him no matter what... now with my little man around I have started to notice that every time we go to the park I'm always the fat dad sitting down watching his son play on the swings and play grounds instead of playing with him and enjoying life.  Those are the moments I realize that I don't want to be that guy and something has to be done about it right away. I went to my doctor for a regular check up and found out that diabetes runs in my life and if I didn't start controlling my eating and exercising more that I was for sure going to get it... and even though it runs in my life if I start to control it now it will be a lot better for me in the long run... so just like everyone else in the world I thought I could do it all on my own.... well guess what I was wrong and I was wrong in a big way...I was just flat out not getting anywhere until I got back in touch with one of my very good friends Nick Westbrook.... When I found out what him and his wife did for a living I started to become interested in these programs... started asking Nick and Lindsey questions and they just kept giving me all the answers I have never heard before and at that moment they both convinced me that it was time for a change and not just any change but a lifestyle change... I said theirs no way this stuff is going to work and of course I got some money together and started out with 21 day fix and Shakeology and let me tell you what who knew that something that is sooo good for you good taste sol darn good... well of course to no ones surprise the 21Day Fix kicked me butt and it showed me just how bad off I was...and it needed to stop immediately... well once I started seeing the results and seeing that it was working I stopped for some reason and started making all those stupid excuses why I couldn't work out and why I didn't want to and on and on... well once again Nick started getting back on my case about all of this again... and he talked me into another program (P90X3) but with thus program came a price... and that price was that I couldn't let my family down or him down for 90 days and above all I had to do it for me... cuz I know deep down inside that I don't have to be big all my life and as long as I have Nick and Lindsey and my family in my corner I'm going to hit the ground running and this time their will be no looking back cuz I'm going to leave those fat and lazy days behind me so I can enjoy life and above all be able to enjoy all the little things like playing with my son and coaching his future baseball teams and showing him that no matter what kind of curves life throws at you all you got to do is sit back and hit it deep. Cuz I'm going to show him that his daddy ain't just some lazy fat guy anymore... cuz I'm gonna take control and show everyone that with the right people in your life anything is possible.


Ever day Mike and Katelyn post their accountability, workout video's on youtube. You can follow them daily here to follow their progress.

Mikes Day 11 Weigh In 

P90X3 and Shakeology

Down 15.5lbs Days!!!!!!!

Katelyns Day 21 Weigh In 

21 Day Fix and Shakology

Down 18lbs in 21 Days!!!!!!

21 Day Before and After Progress Pictures 

Day 1 to Day 26 Progress Video Comparison




Mike and Katelyns 30 Day Before and Afters 

34 Day Weigh In

Katelyn -22lbs in only 34 Days 


Katelyns Update!

"I am on day 44 of my 90 day challenge. I would have to say that I feel absolutely amazing. I am not in the best shape I've been in but I will get there. I have more energy than I have had in about 4 years. I also have a lot of self confidence in myself and I am more comfortable with who I am and how I look. I would not be where I am without the support of my coach Nick Westbrook, my husband and family. I have had to work harder than I have ever had to work and push myself way outside of my comfort zone to get myself to way I am right now. It is going to take if not the same amount of time, energy and effort or more to finish my 90 day challenge; but I will finish my 90 day challenge, and I will succeed!"

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