Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Ultimate Reset Day 10 Review - Reset while Traveling

It's Day 10!!!  Can I just tell you how THRILLED I am so far??  As I've mentioned in previous posts, I've been feeling like weight loss has been a struggle lately.  What USED to work to give me results was no longer working.  

I've tried paleo (which left me grumpy and missing carbs), cutting out ALL alcohol for 45 days straight (which did help a bit, but I still wasn't getting the results I wanted - I'll save that for another blog post lol), working out harder and eating less (which seemed to be the obvious answer but it wasn't), having my hormones tested (they were "off", but not my thyroid as I was suspecting!!), etc etc etc.

Was it possible that my body just needed me to hit the "Reset" button??  Or, does my body just love eating vegan?  I guess time will tell!  But, I'm super happy about the 7lbs and several inches I've lost within just 9 days following The Ultimate Reset plan and doing 3 Week Yoga Retreat!  

Before photo taken a few months ago but at the same weight as starting cleanse weight.

We both felt so great today, we decided to pack everything up and head to the beach, a local fruit and veggie stand, and the park for lunch.  I also wanted to see how difficult it would be to be on the Reset while traveling!

Today's breakfast:  Fruit plate!  We found an organic pre-cut fruit bowl to pack with us which took the work out of breakfast! :)

We also packed our cooler with all of our Reset lunch goodies!  

These mason jar salads were so simple and convenient - proteins on the bottom (pumpkin seeds for us!), layer the veggies, top with lettuce.  We used our portion containers to pack our Creamy garlic dressing.

I quadrupled last night's Sweet potato roasted red pepper bisque since I knew we'd be eating it for lunch today.  The recipe said to serve hot OR cold, so it was pretty easy to pack in the cooler!

Plastic silverware in the cooler, and we were ready to go!

Backpack cooler - pretty much the coolest thing ever and we use it ALL of the time!

This plan encourages you to get outside in nature, so we're taking their advice <3  

LAST time we did the Reset, hubby was soooo grumpy on Day 10 - like, completely and utterly OVER IT. haha.  Today, he's doing great and even said he wants to start eating this way (vegan) a few days/nights per week once this 21 day cleanse is over.  Did I really just hear him say that??  You know I'M all in! ;)

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Walking the beach was our workout today :)  Although, I may sneak in some Yoga tonight because I'm kind of obsessed, and I'm full of energy! <3

Since our kids can't live off of rotisserie chicken and peanut butter sandwiches, I grabbed some pre-prepared proteins at Whole Foods when we shopped for our food.  I picked up 3 turkey meatballs for $2 and two turkey burger patties for $2.  I boiled some noodles this afternoon, put some in two plastic bowls, cut up the meatballs, and poured a jar of organic tomato sauce on top.  Those babies are sitting in the fridge waiting to be warmed up for the kids dinner tonight.  

Tonight's dinner for us:  Well, it's supposed to be the Quinoa Lentil Pilaf meal, but that's the meal that almost made hubby quit last, I'm preparing quinoa and stir fried veggies with the amount of oil the Quinoa Lentil Pilaf meal calls for.  That's a safer bet for tonight.

How I feel:  This Reset kind of makes me feel like I'm Superwoman.  I mean, I felt like I had SO many responsibilities before we started this in the world would I find extra time to prep and prepare these foods and also worry about what the kids were going to eat?  The truth is...I have so much more energy now... that I'm fitting way more things into my life without feeling anxiety about them.  It's hard to explain.  It's crazy what eating the right foods and eliminating toxins can do! ;)

Stay tuned for my Day 11 Review...

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