Sunday, October 2, 2016

My Ultimate Reset Results!!

I made it to DAY 21!!!  And, I have to admit...I cheated a little yesterday.  I was SO over veggies.  And, I felt like I got the results I was looking for and I felt amazing...I was just craving BALANCE (aka:  A cheat meal.).

My hubby found out one of his BEST friends who lives in NC was coming to FL for his Bachelor party, and he was going!!  They went to Top Golf, took tours of 3 breweries (of course, some BEER was ingested), and had dinner.  He was happy with his results, but he finished on Day 20.  I finished ON Day 21.  Not Day 22.

Basically, I ate an entire 1/2 of a PUBLIX SUB immediately after taking this AFTER photo LOL!!!  #sorrynotsorry #justbeinghonest

Honestly, I got to a point where the THOUGHT of a veggie made me CRINGE.  Like...I might up-chuck.  And, I started to wonder if that's healthy for me.  (Clearly, fully VEGAN isn't for ME).  I was EMPOWERED by veggies and NEW recipes during week 2.  NOT in week 3.

Because I started to feel this way, I wasn't eating ENOUGH.  I wasn't finishing the vegan meals, and I was going to bed starving and waking up HANGRY.  

Not healthy for me. 

BUT, what I CAN say....

This plan made me READY and EXCITED to start a normal, regular, BALANCED meal plan.  It made me excited about WORKING OUT!!!

And, it gave me a GOOD FREAKIN JUMPSTART to my GOALS...and, THAT is exactly what I was looking for!!!

SO, I got the weight loss results I was looking for.
I hadn't BUDGED on the scale in a VERY long time!
I got the IMPROVED sleep I was looking for.
I got the improved energy I was looking for.
I got the clearer skin I was looking for.
I just feel like a HAPPIER person.

I have to admit...I GAINED 2.5lbs within this past week.  I already know I'm more sensitive to fiber than most people, but, it still got to my head.  THAT was my motivation (seeing the scale go down) and it SHOULDN'T have been.  I decided to STOP taking pics of my food for the last 3 days, stop blogging my progress, and STOP weighing myself and just focus on finishing!!! <3

I'm pretty EXCITED to be FINISHED...and, looking forward to a new, BALANCED meal plan, and a new WORKOUT program to help keep off this weight loss AND to help move us CLOSER to our GOALS <3

Anyone want to join us??? ;)  CLICK HERE to join our next ONLINE ACCOUNTABILITY GROUP <3

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