Thursday, February 12, 2015

Is 21 Day Fix Extreme good for MEN? Lower Fix Extreme Review

Is 21 Day Fix Extreme good for MEN?

YES!!!  Autumn Calabrese uses a combination of cardio and weights in almost every workout.  She actually mentions that she created 21 Day Fix Extreme to show she could hang with Shaun T and Tony Horton. ;)

My hubby, Nick, wasn’t totally onboard to stop Body Beast to commit to a “CHICK WORKOUT” haha…but, now it’s Day 4…and, he’s surrendered…I was right…21 Day Fix Extreme is perfect for BOTH of us.  I love being right... :p  Here's a screen shot of his Facebook to prove it!!

Day 4 stats:
Me: 2.6lbs down
Nick: 4lbs down

Lower Fix Extreme Review:
Today was Lower Fix Extreme.  It was a KILLER!  One of THEE best leg workouts I’ve ever done.  

There were 4 rounds of 2 workout moves.  Rounds 1-3 consisted of 30 seconds of 1 move using weights, followed by 30 seconds of the same move plyo style.  We completed each round 2 times.  It was INTENSE.  Round 4 also consisted of 2 workout (floor) moves repeated 2x as well.  

I am going to shred some fat and have some amazing legs after this program for sure.  And, Nick is going to build some great muscle—as he’s lifting heavier than me!


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