Monday, February 16, 2015

Carmen 5 1/2 WEEK UPDATE: Life Happens

CARMEN 5 1/2 Week UPDATE:  Life Happens

"The last few weeks have been very difficult for me. I was swamped with school already... Then something devastating happened in my family... We lost a very dear family member. Mark was my moms cousin. They were very close, like brother and sister. So he was always considered my uncle. He was a kind man who always made me smile. So many of my fondest memories growing up were the times I spent with him and my cousins, laughing and going on adventures. Unfortunately in his last years he developed severe diabetes. I was very sad when he passed away last week, and this along with spending time with family (where there was no shortage of the wrong foods) caused me to get a little bit off course. I wasn't working out, and I was not focused on making good food choices. I struggled with guilt over this. But I realize that mark would have wanted me to push on. He would want me to be healthy. Diabetes is something that runs in my family on both sides. My parents are both pre diabetic. I know that I am at risk.... Which is why I NEED this lifestyle change so badly, and need to stay on track no matter what happens. It's taken a while to feel like myself again. But now I am back on track and really looking forward to making more progress. I know that I haven't made much the last few weeks. But I've finally gotten over the guilt and forgiven myself. It's okay to shift focus when it is needed. I needed to focus on my family and on school. As long as I never forget that if I don't stay on the track to health, I will not be able to enjoy those things and succeed... I am doing okay. I haven't forgotten, and I am going to make huge strides in the coming weeks! I am going to make my family and myself proud by taking charge of my health and progress. I want to thank Lindsey Westbrook for all her support throughout this time. It helped me get through everything." - Carmen 

And, I want to add...the journey of change is NOT an uphill battle. There are dips and turns and speed bumps. Getting back on track requires strength and courage. And, THAT PROGRESS. Don't forget to feel proud of your accomplishments...they are a big deal!! 

And, through all of life's obstacles...Carmen STILL measured 9.5 more inches DOWN!!

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