Monday, February 2, 2015

Carmen: 35.5 inches Down in 4 Weeks!!


"This week has been super tough for me! I hurt my back last weekend (moving furniture), and had a really hard time working out. I had a test on Friday so I was pretty consumed with studying for that all week. I managed to eat really well to make up for any calories I wasn't burning during my workouts, not being able to really go for it like I usually do. BUT…

On Friday I feel I did very well on my test, concentration and memory were on point, which I have really struggled with the last few semesters. A result of fibromyalgia symptoms and poor nutrition I'm sure. 

And as I was walking to my car after class, I noticed I was basically having to hold up my pants. My first pair of pants to officially retire. They were hanging off of me! What is driving me to push forward: knowing that eventually I will be a normal size again... The prospect of enjoying this summer as a skinny girl! Lol feeling good... Playing with my kids.... Goals for the next few weeks: get back on track with exercise... Drink more water.... Retire more pants! Lol ….."


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