Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Chipotle Inspired Cilantro Chicken Bowl -- 21 Day Fix Approved

I just tried Chipotle for the first time on vacation, and I'm obsessed!  Yes, I know, live under a rock. :D  We got home, and I was feeling the need to eat healthy after over-indulging for 4 days, but I also needed to satisfy this craving...soooooo, my sweet hubby went to the store and picked up ingredients to make a lower-carb version (aka--skipped the rice but had to keep the corn).  It was fabulous.  Here it is: 1 RED 1 YELLOW 1/2 GREEN

Cilantro Chicken Bowl

1lb boneless, skinless chicken breasts 
4TBS vinegar
2TBS chipotle
2TBS chili powder
2TBS black pepper
Fresh salsa
Fat free plain greek yogurt
1 can black beans
Pico de gallo
1 Organic corn on the cob

Marinate chicken in vinegar and spices for 30min
Preheat oven to 400 degrees
Bake for 15min, flip chicken, and bake for another 8min or until tender and cooked all the way through
**If you're in a rush, you may use your Easy Prep Chicken instead and add spices.**
Place corn in water, bring to a boil, turn off burner, cover, and let sit
Heat black beans on stove top or in microwave
Slice chicken, and top with plain greek yogurt, black beans, salsa, pico, cilantro, and corn
Enjoy! :)

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