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Beachbody MLM vs. Real Estate: Which Career Path / Business Opportunity is Best for You? -- PART 1

{{ This blog post is completely transparent and unbiased.  My husband and I own a successful Top 100 Beachbody business AND we also own a Real Estate Business.  This post is to educate those who are considering each business opportunity so you can make the best decision for yourself }}

First…a little about me.  I grew up with two parents who are both entrepreneurs.  After finishing 2 years of college (without obtaining an actual degree), applying for nursing school, being accepted into the RN program, and paying my bills by working at Publix and Chili’s…I realized…working for someone else just wasn’t “my thing”.

I started an eBay business when 
I was 17 years old

I sold all of my old clothing and routed through Goodwill and TJMaxx and started up selling brand new clothing and wholesale jewelry as well.  It was a little time consuming, but it was my first real "entrepreneur experience".

My first experience with giving premium customer service! :)

Then, I was a Small Business Owner...

I also owned a permanent makeup studio from the ages of 19-29yrs old.  I loved this job because it allowed me to be creative, and I loved all of the people I met daily and had great convos with!  But, once I had became increasingly difficult to maintain a normal work schedule because they were both getting sick at daycare which meant I had to keep calling into work and moving my clients.  In this type of job, if you are not there make $0.  The only thing this job was missing...was RESIDUAL INCOME.  I mean...there HAD to be a way to make a steady income whether or not I went to work!  

Wishful thinking? ;)  Hmmmm...

Here are my permanent brows!  The Leopard Lily Permanent Makeup Studio 
(now owned by my mom, Cindy McDonald)

Which Leads me to How I Found Beachbody, Built an Empire, and Retired my Husband...

Excess baby weight and needing a job to supplement our income while I was at home with my sick little ones...led me to Beachbody -- which is a direct selling company that functions as a {legit} multi-level marketing company.  I was able to work my Beachbody business as the kids napped - or, any other gaps I could find in my schedule.  It was convenient, fun, and I was passionate about it.  It's no surprise it ended up being my full time {work-from-home} career! 

My main goal within the past 4 years of building a Beachbody business was to pay off the thousands of dollars of debt my husband and I had accrued through medical bills, credit cards, student loans, etc... and retire my husband from retail management so he could be home with us...we missed him.  

Nick was very successful at retail, and he actually (strangely) enjoyed it lol…because he loved excelling at something he could call his “own”--but, working 60+ hours a week was killing him, me, and the kids.  My dream of retiring Nick so he could be home with me and the kids...came true in Oct. of 2014 --  a little over 2 years after becoming a Beachbody Coach!

If you want to hear more about my weight loss journey that led me to coaching and building 
a mid-6 figure business, I wrote a separate blog post HERE.  

Soooo, from all of the above... you can see, I am passionate about being an entrepreneur….it’s in my blood!  And, even at the young age of 31, I have 14 years of experience and a lot of knowledge on the topic.

So, why in the WORLD would we start Real Estate when we've already seen so much Success and Freedom in our Beachbody Business?

When Nick retired, he became my business partner.  We paid off all debt, bought our dream home, and during our home buying process he became interested in real estate.  He controls the finances in our Beachbody business…and, he decided he wanted to learn more about investing our income.  Although he still helps me with our Beachbody business...I feel like he was craving something additional of his OWN to excel at since that's what he was always used to!!

**What most people don’t know…is that before Nick got the management position at JCPenney’s, he applied for real estate courses with my dad.  When JCPenney’s hired him, he decided NOT to go.

Since we work as a team with our Beachbody business, I decided I wanted to get licensed with him so I can understand real estate and so I can help him with his new venture— {Plus, the entrepreneur in me always craves learning something new and different!!}.  I'm proud to say...we passed the {most difficult} EXAM {I've ever taken in my LIFE haha!} in ONE shot!! PHEW!

It’s been an interesting experience to say the least…and, as I learned more... it got me thinking about the similarities and differences within each of our businesses.  I’ve also had many people reach out to me regarding both businesses:  Beachbody Coaching and Real Estate.  Which one is best?

Hence...this blog post! 
{I know...get to the point, right? haha!}
Ya'll know you were thinking it!

Beachbody MLM vs. Real Estate { Part 1 }:

Let me break these down for ya!

For Beachbody:
I remember back to the day I started Beachbody.  I went through an hour long coach training and felt a little mind boggled.  There was so much to learn, and it seemed like a new language- Spanish maybe? ;)  I was able to work at my own pace which made it a little better!  And, there were NO tests.  Everything started piecing together and making sense as I started my business.  Learning by DOING is the best way to learn!

For Real Estate:
Going through Real Estate class doesn't feel much different.  There is a LOT of terminology you need to learn to fully understand the concepts enough to apply them (and, to pass the State Real Estate Exam--which if you haven't yet a toughie!).  The terms were more like learning Japanese...they were harder to wrap my brain around lol.  63 Hours of Pre-Licensing class is required, and it's INTENSE.  The 1 hour "cram course" was an extra 7 hours, so we actually took 70 hours.  This is also another business that requires you to learn as you experience.

For Beachbody: 
I choose to watch an hour long training OR listen to personal development audio to sharpen my skills daily.  This is optional, but I know that I wouldn't have become a successful Top 100 coach if I didn't do this.  Social media is always evolving, so I think it's important to always be a student and always apply what I learn.  Beachbody also offers fun quarterly events called "Super Saturdays/Sundays" and one big yearly conference called "Summit" which is usually held in Nashville.  These meetings/conferences are also optional, but I've gone to every one of them...and, I know they have contributed to the success of my business!

For Real Estate:
Once you complete your 63-70 hours of Pre-Licensing along with your class test and state exam, you are required to complete 45 hours of Post-Licensing courses (so you know WHAT to do with your license), an Ethics course, an MLS course, and 14 hours of continuing education every 2 years.  I also recommend an hour of training and/or personal development per day (just as I do with Beachbody) to continue to sharpen your skills and build your mindset.

#3- FEES
For Beachbody:
There is a $39.95 one time sign up fee OR you have the option to purchase a workout and nutritional supplement in a "Bundle Pack" at a discounted price, and sign up for your coaching business for FREE.  Bundle packs vary in price from (optional) $140-$205 depending on the products chosen.  
There is a $15.95 fee monthly.  This covers your websites, your customer service department that will deal with your customer service issues, a shipping center so you don't have to hold and/or ship inventory, and an online "office" that organizes your business. 
There is an (optional) $38.95 club membership fee every 3 months for those who want access to the Beachbody Online Meal Planner and/or Online Workout Streaming.
There is an (optional but highly recommended) product fee.  As coaches, we focus on changing ourselves and SHARING what we are doing to #1- Show it works! and #2- People want to do what they see YOU doing.  So, while I put this fee in the "optional" category because it is....I think using and loving the products is a VERY important part of being a successful coach.  We, personally, purchase approx $120 of product per month--sometimes more depending on our health/fitness goals!

For Real Estate: 
(all of these are "per person"--as you know we BOTH got our, for us...this was doubled)
State License Application: $89 
State Exam Tutor (optional but recommended): $29
Pre-Licensing 63 Hour Course: $369
State Exam "Crash Course" (optional but recommended): $99
Board of Realtors (MLS Access): $879 per year
Post-Licensing Course: $259 
Broker Fee:  This varies for all new Sales Associates depending on your broker.  Our broker charges $100 per month.
Continuing Education:  $129 every 2 years.

Yep...pretty much the same as any ole' business structure out there...

Any Corporate Business:
Typical Retail Business:

Beachbody MLM:

Real Estate: I said...pretty much the SAME as any other business structure.  Let's move on... :)

CLICK HERE to view PART 2!!

**Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach's income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.” — Which means…you GET what you put into this.  Gotta WORK for it :)

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