Thursday, September 10, 2015

How to Increase your Confidence and Overall Happiness

I know, mamas...after having babies, our bodies result in so many changes!! Our emotions are HIGH on love, yet sometimes flat with confidence. Feeling beautiful is more challenging than ever before. But, with some guidance, self-discipline and understanding, there are many ways to regain your confidence and become a much happier you!! <3

Reclaim your Body

Yessss...things shift after having kids or as we age. {dun dun dunnn} BUT, with a little energy we can reclaim our body confidence. It’s important to accept your new body. Be proud of what you’ve accomplished. Learn to love your scars and stretch marks. They gave you the most precious gift.  Focus on HEALTH and how to treat your body the way it should be treated instead of seeking physical PERFECTION. Take five minutes each morning to have a good stretch, followed by a 10- to 20-minute walk. The walk not only burns calories, but fresh air is great to combat stress. Don’t think you have to exercise for hours at a time.  I, personally, choose workouts that are only 30min per day like CIZE, 21 Day Fix, or Chalean Extreme...and, that does the trick for me!!  Take a small amount of time each day, and make it a HABIT just like brushing your teeth!  This will get you feeling happier with your body and give you energy during the rest of your day!!  

Take Control of your Diet and Exercise

Aside from regular physical activity, there are many things related to diet and exercise that can help increase your confidence. Drastic dieting is not a good long term solution, so find simple solutions that continue to give you protein and strength. Think smaller portion sizes, water instead of soda, whole foods instead of processed, and salads with light, homemade dressing instead of sandwiches. Also, consider making time for sex with your partner--yes, ladies...that's important too! It’s a free workout and it’s sure to bring happiness to your self-esteem. :D

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Focus on the Positives

Instead of focusing on that "flabby tummy" you don't care for, think about your beautiful legs or anything that you LOVE about you. Stay away from negative thoughts and think of the positive in everything--we are our OWN worst critiques...but, we SHOULD be our own biggest fans <3. Avoid individuals who bring you down, and surround yourself with people who love and support you.  {I've found love and support within my coach community.}  These ladies are always there to lift me up! <3  Instead of focusing on the problems in your life, focus on the positive...the things you CAN control, solutions to make good changes, and think about how you can bless someone else's life.  We RISE by lifting others. <3

Change your Image

By simply smiling more often or straightening your posture, you can FEEL more confident and you can light up a room with confidence.  If you don't believe me...try it.  What we believe about ourselves in our minds becomes our REALITY.  If you tell yourself you are confident and you present yourself that immediately FEEL more confident.  Confidence takes practice just like anything else.  Make direct eye contact with people, smile as they talk. This will help them feel more comfortable around you. Experts believe that those who speak clearly feel more self-confident. Make it part of your day to get ready--do your hair, do your makeup {if that's you're into makeup}, dress however you need to to feel GOOD about yourself. This not only makes you happier with your self image, but helps others view you as a successful, confident person-- because THAT is what you are!

What you believe about yourself becomes your REALITY.
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Make Time For Yourself

Many experts believe that making personal time for yourself can most certainly boost your confidence and happiness. Go to the park alone and read a book. Make a standing appointment for a pedicure--and, have a glass of wine or a sparkling water!!! Even spend 20 minutes when the kids are asleep enjoying a bubble bath. Taking a little time to focus on YOU has all the assets for better confidence.  YOU are a PRIORITY.  Don't forget that!

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